Are skin elixirs the secret to anti-ageing, especially during long haul flights?

Using a skin elixir will fight the signs of anti aging

Using a Skin Elixir Will Fight the signs of Ageing, especially after long haul flights. Find out why.

With names like hydrating serums and nourishing skin elixir being thrown into every skincare routine, it can get confusing as to what each product actually is and does.

While elixirs and serums hold similar qualities, there is a difference, and it depends on an individual’s skin type and preferred skincare routine as to which product works best

Serums are water based and have a higher concentration of ingredients than a regular moisturiser. Serums can be used to brighten, exfoliate and hydrate the skin.

A skin elixir, as the name suggests, is more like a potion. Thinner than a serum, they are a blend of various oils, often containing herbal infusions and plant extracts alongside other important ingredients such as ceramides and hyaluronic acid.

Elixirs heal, hydrate and nourish aiding in healing the skin, promoting a more youthful, brighter and moisturised complexion. They are brilliant after a long haul flight as well as during an extended trip when you are moving through multiple time zones. Skin elixirs are more suitable for dry and ageing skin, so they are often the preferred option to tackle anti-ageing.

How to use an elixir

The consistency of an elixir varies depending on the formula, however, they are most commonly in oil form, and they are usually thinner than a serum and cream but thicker than a toner.

Unlike a moisturiser which locks in hydration, an elixir is able to penetrate the skin on a deeper level to target fine lines and wrinkles. When incorporating an elixir into a skincare routine, following the order of toner, elixir then moisturiser/serum will be most effective.

Elixirs can be used day or night. As well as its anti-aging properties, it serves as a great face base for smoother makeup application and keeps skin hydrated throughout the night.

Anti- ageing properties

Elixirs are a combination of skin loving ingredients. These ingredients, which are formulated with smaller molecules, penetrate the skin helping to prevent fine lines by regenerating skin cells.

Skin elixirs fight off free radicals while boosting the production of collagen and skin tissue, which is vital in maintaining skin’s elasticity and plumpness.

Here are 5 skin elixirs that will help to achieve a youthful glow and are perfect for long haul travel.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir $76.00

A formula for all skin types, this elixir tightens appearance of pores and provides a burst of radiance to the complexion. This product is great for dullness as well as visible pores and it has a 100% natural fragrance.

Minenssey Rejuvenating Superfood Facial Elixir $95.00

This fast-absorbing formula is packed with nourishing superfoods such as kale and blackcurrant. It also contains a range of anti-oxidant rich ingredients and a hydrating blend of oil extracts. Skin is left feeling glowy, smooth and lifted – great before and after a long flight.

Skinn Divine Elixir Ayurvedic Blend facial oil $60.00

With Ashwagandha known for its anti-ageing properties that support the body’s ability to withstand stress and anxiety, this formula strengthens and defends skin from visible signs of stress-induced aging. The added cannabis sativa combines perfectly, soothing and calming the skin. This results in reduced fine line and wrinkles and helps restore skin’s barrier.

Astromantique Earth Body Elixir $69.95

Incorporating astrology and skincare is what astromantique does best. This Elixir plays on the properties of Earth signs- practical, grounding, nurturing and dependable. This formula is a warm, aromatic blend with Kakadu Plum to smooth and brighten complexion. Travelling with this is grounding on many levels and so good for your skin.

Essano Visible Repair Facial Elixir $49.95

Specifically formulated for and clinically tested on women aged 50 +, this non-greasy formula helps reduce fine lines and wrinkle depth and increases skin elasticity. Lapacho bark extract promotes slower skin aging and a radiant appearance.

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