7 Packing Essentials for a European Summer

The fashion essentials you need to pack on your European summer getaway to blend in with the locals

Travelling to the glorious, warm and vivacious continent of Europe is certainly the best way to escape Australia’s current winter blues.

While it’s easy to skip over the packing process and imagine yourself sipping champagne on the rooftop of Kimpton Margot, looking smart and sharp in Europe is of the essence – particularly as Europeans are known for their class and sophisticated fashion sense which doesn’t seem to prioritise comfort and practicality.

And let’s be honest, you certainly want to look fabulous in your insta pics, so it’s important to have the right colour palette and look.

The good news is that right now no bulky coats are required. However, various countries with differing dress codes and changing temperatures can make packing for a Euro-trip a little challenging.

Here are list of items that will not only optimise your luggage space but also ensure that you look back on your trip with fondness and zero fashion regrets.

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Comfortable white shoes

Travelling around Europe is super thrilling, but whether you are in Paris or Mykonos, a lot of walking is involved. So, a pair of comfortable, streamlined minimal sneakers is a requisite.

White sneakers are a huge look in Europe right now, at all hours of the day. Once you’ve scored the perfect pair, choosing other shoes to take with you will seem like an ‘addition’ rather than necessity, as white sneakers can be coordinated with a casual, fitted shirt and bottom or flowy dress.

White button ups

White button ups don’t just have to be for corporate use. These staples can be the salient piece of an outfit or used as a light and clean coverup for others – it’s great tied up over a bikini top at the beach or buttoned-up with a flowy skirt for a more formal look. In short, it just works.

Whether it be in the form of crisp poplin, lush silk or flowy linen, you’ll be sure to make good use of it during your getaway.

Wide leg trousers

While jeans are a timeless staple, breezy bottoms are bound to be your new go-to during the Euro summer. Trousers are super flattering and confidence-boosting, radiating the energy of a powerful and high-class woman. They are equally suitable for a night out in London or a stroll around Greece.

Sun-proof accessories

European summers are generally comfortably warm, however certain parts of Europe, like Greece and Turkey, can have scorching hot weather. Hence, packing useful accessories like a good pair of sunnies and a hat is vital. In addition to this, these accessories can help balance out the drama of a feminine dress or polish up more relaxed looks.

Little White Dress

Rather than opting for loud colours and dizzy patterns, Europeans value simplicity, so conservative, neutral tones are the way to go. The LWD has become extremely popular in the summertime, with brands coming out with an array of whimsical designs and flattering silhouettes.


Comfy sandals are essential if you want to change up your shoewear, keep your feet cool or quickly slide in and out of them when you’re at the beach. This collection of sandals is both stylish and walkable. If you want to see what other options are out there, make sure to go for neutral-coloured sandals for an ageless and graceful look.

Tailored shorts

Most Europeans sport the dressier alternative to denim shorts – the modern, tailored shorts. This style of short is super versatile, working with both elevated and low-key looks. Not to mention, these packing essentials are lightweight so you won’t even notice them in your luggage. This is undoubtedly an easy way to blend in seamlessly with the locals.

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