5 Clever Ways To Maximise Your Travel Beauty Bag

Travel Beauty Bag

When it comes to travel, the key to packing your travel beauty bag is to pack light and smart. The right products are important to ensure your holiday photos look good.

Multi-use beauty products are key as they clear up space in your travel beauty bag, helping you travel light without compromising on your favourite beauty looks. 

Some brands are actually designed for travel, and there is also an argument for leaving a few products behind so you can buy new foreign products instead, but this depends on where you are going and what type of holiday you are planning.

These 5 tips will ensure you maximise your travel beauty bag and carry less on your next getaway.

Woman on European Street
Packing the right beauty products means less stress and better photo memories

Use Lipstick As Blush

Using lipstick as cream blush is a great option as it creates one less makeup item to bring. Not only that,  it also creates a beautiful, seamless look as the blush is guaranteed to match the lipstick colour.

Lipsticks that have a satin or creamy finish, also have a beautiful luminous finish on the cheeks, making the skin look healthy and dewy.

Foundation Sticks

Foundation sticks are amazing to travel with as they are mess-free, easy to use and compact.

It is so easy to use, and the options to add a light layer for sheer coverage, or build up to a medium coverage depending on the desired look. They are small so you can keep them on your person for touch-ups before a special photo opportunity.

Top Picks:

Use Bronzer As Eyeshadow

A beauty hack for eyeshadow is to use bronzer as eyeshadow – and for contouring.

This will give the overall makeup look a beautiful bronzed glow and also give a perfect wash of colour over the eyes.

You can also use pink blush as an eyeshadow, and studies of Instagram show it can make women look brighter and therefore younger in photos.

Top picks:

Use Travel-friendly products: Trinny London

Some brands have made it super easy with travel-friendly makeup products.

Meet Trinny London, a range of stackable makeup products that include Eye2Eye, Lip2Cheek and Lip to have everything covered.

Not only that, the sets are completely customisable to find a perfect bespoke match and you can take them in your carry on – what a bonus if someone special is meeting you at the airport after a long flight.

The stacked products by Trinny are easy to travel with as they’re all compact, small and work.

Recycle Sample Pots, Use Travel-Sized Products

Have empty sample pots or mini travel-sized products lying around?

Traveling is the perfect time to recycle and reuse sample pots or mini travel-sized items and

disperse from full sized items. 

Fragrance samples are also great for travel, and some brands even sell sample packs. Mecca and many make-up counters offer these as trial samples, do ask.

This means that the full-sized products can stay home, which will save space and weight and depending on the length of the trip, as a sample pot can last 1-2 weeks.

Renae’s Tip: Always take foundations and products that are almost finished so you can indulge in shopping for new, foreign replacements when away.

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