6 Of Victoria’s Best Walks You Need To Take

If you live in Victoria, as soon as lockdown eases, step into nature with any of these amazing six walks. 

If you live in Victoria, as soon as lockdown eases, step into nature with any of these spectacular six walks. 

Victoria is home to some of the most striking natural beauties, with a world – renowned network of parks, gardens, rivers and wetlands and biodiversity. These walks showcase this and more – leaving anyone on their tracks in awe. 

No matter where somebody is located in the urban sprawl, they’re generally within no more than an hour’s reach from alpine forests and a stretch of pristine river. 

Here are some of the most popular walks to do in Victoria, that the whole family will love. 

Point Nepean Walk – Mornington Peninsula

Distance: 6km

Grade: Easy, some steps

Best for: Walkers who love diversity – It’s rich in history, teeming with wildlife, and boasts some spectacular views on the Mornington Peninsula.

The Point Nepean Coastal Walk is the perfect way to explore the tip of the Mornington Peninsula. Graded as an easy walk, with moderate 6km in distance, Point Nepean is enriched with history and heritage, as well as exquisite ocean views. En-route to the Rip lookout – which marks the halfway point of the round-trip – walkers will pass Cheviot Beach, where a number of gun turrets and the crumbling remnants of Fort Nepean remain. The 2 – 4 hour duration of Point Nepean Walk allows history buffs to relish in the Moonah woodlands and Shepherd Hut, which is one of the oldest limestone buildings in Victoria. 

Bushrangers Bay Walking Trail –  Mornington Peninsula

Distance: 6.2km

Grade: Easy

Best for: Striking coastal views 

Only an hour’s drive south of the CBD, Bushranger’s Bay is a sublime day – hike in Melbourne. The bay is a narrow strip of gravely sand, surrounded by cliffs and rock pools. The walking trail equates to 6.2km, taking the average walker around 3 hours. With arguably the best coastal views in Victoria, walkers will be immersed in views of Cape Schnack Lighthouse, Main Creek, windswept beaches and groves of gorgeous Banksia trees. 

Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk – Daylesford & Macedon Ranges 

Distance: 10.4km

Grade: Moderate/ Difficult

Best For: A stunning natural walk before summer kicks off

Instead of heading south – west – to arrive at this circuit track, drivers need to head north – west towards Ballarat. Situated in Werribee Gorge State Park, there are a variety of different walking trails inside the sandstone gorge – shaped over 500 million years ago. Walkers can either choose from on-trail, off-trail, lookouts, descents, climbs, river crossings, cable climbs, wildlife spotting and rock hopping. The circuit is gruelling – it’s 10km of rock jumps and cable climbs, with a grading of moderate to difficult. It also gets extremely hot in summer, so schedule this one in for the cooler seasons.

Gorge with water and rocks
The Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk boasts expansive views of Victoria’s natural depth and beauty

Toorongo Falls Circuit Walk – West Gippsland 

Distance: 2.2km

Grade: Easy

Best For: To immerse in nature in its raw and purest form

This easy circuit trail can be found approximately two hours out of town, north of Noojee. Although walkers can complete this in a day – trip, it’s recommended to do an overnight stay at Toorongo Falls Campground. The walk includes two waterfalls : Toorongo and Amphitheatre Falls, and is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. 

Stream trickling in rainforest
Enjoy the most luscious of walks at Toorongo Falls in Victoria

Den of Nargun Circuit Walk – East Gippsland

Distance: 5km

Grade: Easy/ Moderate

Best for: A reasonably easy walk suitable for every hiker

The Den of Nargun is a little further from Melbourne (roughly 3 hours), but the luscious forest loop that runs through the Mitchell River National Park is absolutely worth it. The entire area is part of the Bataluk Cultural Trail, which explores the culture and history of the Gunaikurnai people, well worth the time of those walking the track. Mostly an ambling forest trail, the walk possesses some incredible natural wonders, including moss – covered boulders, river gullies and waterfalls.

Tongue Point Walking Trail – Wilsons Promontory

Distance: 9.6km

Grade: Moderate 

Best For: Those looking to experience an exciting day adventure

A favourite in Victoria, the Tongue Point Walking Trail follows the headlines to the tip of Tongue Point. Here, the land is shrub – covered, poking out into Darby Bay. With immense  boulders towering ahead as walkers pass, there are some breathtaking views of Cotters Beach and the Vereker Range. One way, the hike is a serious 9.4 kilometres. Surrounding wildlife are often out and about, with echidna and wombats sharing the path with those taking on the challenge. 

Sunrise over coastline
The Tongue Point Trail is one of Victoria’s most breathtaking walks

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