5 Ways to Stay Healthy Mid-Flight

how to stay healthy when travelling on a plane

Stay healthy when travelling on a plane with these five simple travel hacks.

We’ve all been there, that travel moment when you find yourself seated next to someone on the plane, who begins to cough and sneeze, before the plane has even taken off.

As much as you feel sorry for them, it’s easy to feel frustrated at the thought you will most likely catch whatever it is they are carrying. Not a great way to start the holiday, or end it if you’re on your way home.

Here are five easy travel hacks to live by, which will help you stay healthy on the place whilst travelling.

Boost your Immune System:

In the lead-up to any holiday, support your immune system by boosting your vitamin and mineral intake. This can be by either increasing your wholefood intake of fresh of fruit and veggies, or take extra supplements. Body Science have released a fabulous new range of vegan health powders loaded with extra minerals and vitamins to support a healthy digestive system and improve the immune system health.

Try their Clean Greens powder which is packed with 78 potent superfood, antioxidant, prebiotic and probiotic ingredients.

Wear a Mask:

Prevention is better than cure. Pack a disposable mask and nasal spray for when you’re on the plane. These are great for those moments when you when you find yourself seated next to someone who can’t stop coughing and sneezing. Face masks actively prevent the spread of germs.

When flying, the humidity levels on an aircraft are approximately 11% (humidity levels in our home usually ranges between 40-60%), meaning this can suppress our immune systems and makes us more susceptible to catching a cold. Check out the new masks by TECMASK which have quirky little patterns on them.

Sleep on the Plane:

Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep, especially on a long-haul flight. One of the best ways to avoid getting sick is ensuring the body is well rested. Try taking a natural sleep tablets like melatonin which will slow down the nervous system and reduce stress and prep the body for sleep.

Stay away from prescription medication for sleeping, unless you already suffer any medical conditions where they are the only option.

Often prescribed medication can increase stress in the nervous system, even when they knock you out. This can leave the body seriously dehydrated and put it under more stress than usual.

Stay of the Alcohol:

It’s hard to resist a nice glass of red to help unwind and enjoy whatever movie you have chosen from the in-flight movie menu, but do try and stay off the alcohol.

A lot of travellers drink the free alcohol on the plane to help them fall asleep, but what they don’t realise is they are lowering the support network in the body of the immune system, making it far more vulnerable to picking up any bacteria floating around the cabin.

If you do decide to have a glass, stick to only one and make sure you drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. This goes for coffee too.

Plane Food:

This is a hard one, especially on a long-haul flight. To eat the food or not eat the food. There’s a lot of debate on whether you should eat anything at all on the flight, or even take your own.

For health reasons many people can’t go without eating for prolonged periods of time, so if you do need to eat, before booking your plane ticket, request a specialised vegetarian meal that’s gluten-free.

Otherwise you can buy something at the airport before you board. But remember, if you buy something in the airport, it still has a shelf life – so stay away from things like chicken salads and sushi as you can’t refrigerate them on the plane.

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