Yes You CAN Drive On The Other Side Of The Road

Here’s the thing – if I can do it, you can do it.  You see, if you want to travel -really travel, you have to master driving on the other side of the road, and we all know that for us girls, it is not easy.

There’s something about our spatial awareness that makes it hard, super hard for us to get it. especially when it comes to parallel parking.

I should know. Many years ago, in Greece, just outside Athens, I thought driving on the other side of the road was a cinch – until I hit 3 parked cars, wrote off the hire car and was driven to my hotel 100 km up the road by a police car – with the siren on. (True Story – Only in Greece).


In LA, sometimes it IS better to use uber.

The siren was great, but the accident, not so, and it took years to recover and get behind the wheel again on the “wrong” side. But if I can get over that, and drive on a seven lane freeway in LA from LA to San Diego and back – in peak hour earlier this year, you can too.

Here are my insider tips for a smooth ride:

  1. Don’t hire a car that is too big, the smaller the better as it is easier to manoeveur.
  2. Drive around the car park and small streets first – don’t head out to the big roads too soon.
  3. Get to know the basics of the car  – indicators, lights, air control, radio BEFORE you drive it.
  4. Always hire a car with GPS in a foreign place. ALWAYS.
  5. Stick to the slow lane, no really. Do not let your ego get in the way.
  6. Take more breaks than you usually would. Driving on the other side takes a LOT More concentration.
  7. Really try not to drive at night – it just makes things even harder, so why would you?
  8. Preferably have someone in the car with you, even if it is a child, to chat, and help you keep a watch on your position on the road.
  9. Always remember how amazing you are (even when not driving on the other side of the road!).  Self appreciation is always great when under pressure.
  10. Take out car insurance with zero excess – just in case. So worth it.

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