Why Do French Women Always Look So Fashionable

We know why French women don’t get fat, but this is why they look so fashionable.

An incredibly insightful Parisian woman has launched Elss Collection, a business renting the most beautiful Parisian couture fashion for a fraction of the purchase price, and all from a luxurious private fashion studio. She tells us why French women always look so fashionable.

The Kenzo Spring/Summer 2018 Collection, stocked at Elss Collection, Paris.
The Kenzo Spring/Summer 2018 Collection, stocked at Elss Collection, Paris.

The standard of the studio, the clothing and the service has to be experienced first hand to be believed. This is taking consumer fashion to a whole new level.

There is nothing like it in Australia. For me, Elss Collection is just another reason I wish I lived in Paris.

When you think about it, this could really be the way of the future in fashion, as this is the most sustainable way to maintain the best designer wardrobe, at minimal cost with no wastage.

We all have deep dark secrets lying  in our wardrobes – clothes we have bought but never worn, outfits we wore once, clothes that don’t fit. Most of our wardrobes are bursting. This concept puts and end to all of that.

But the best thing about Elss Collection is that it is a luxurious, fun, exciting experience to “shop” there, at a very minimal price. Plus you can wear clothing you would never ordinarily be able to afford.

Elss Collection in Paris
Elss Collection in Paris, where fashion dreams come alive at a fraction of the price.

Located in the heart of Paris’ upmarket area on the right bank, the studio (or store) is as luxurious as it gets.

There are sales assistants on hand to guide you, and so many beautiful designer clothes to try on, it’s a pleasure (and a thrill) just to be there. I must admit I did got a bit crazy and try on everything I could, Bien Sur!

“Wearing a new piece has a lot of impact on your mindset, and on your confidence,” the stores founder  Pascale Guasp explained. “So often we buy something and only wear it twice. Why have that sitting in the wardrobe? This is a solution to a lot of things including a space problem.

“It is particular good for special occasion outfits for a ball or special night out as you can choose from the latest fashion and give it back afterwards.”

And the price? For Parisian residents it is just 150 euro for month with several pieces a month on loan, and for travellers, there are well priced options too. I am desperate to go back.

This takes not only your Parisian holiday to another level but your instagram account as well.

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