Why Billionaires Choose Chile For Their Adventures

Billionaires and famous name flock to South America’s Chile to pursue some of the best and most elite travel adventures in the world.

Raul Buenaventura is from South America, and his own name means adventure.

He is based in Chile, the adventure capital of South America, where he runs his own travel company, VM Elite for the super rich and famous who gravitate to his magnificent country in droves.

From the icebergs of Patagonia to trekking the Atacama desert, there is nothing VM Elite can’t organise or design for their clients throughout Chile, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay.

Raul spoke to Renae about Keanu Reeves and his passion for adventures in Chile, as well as high end travel trends and the future of travel as well as South American Tourism.

He also reflected on the trend of wealthy Americans buying up land in Patagonia, in case there is a world war and they need somewhere peaceful to escape to.

He also spoke about the massive donation from the late Douglas Tompkins founder of The North Face and Esprit clothing, of hundreds of thousands of acres of land to be made into national park to conserve the beauty of Chile.

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