Wellness Is The New Luxury At Six Senses

Mark Sands is the Vice President of Wellness and says wellness is the new luxury at Six Senses.

Six Senses were founded in 1995 by lauded hotelier and wellness guru Sonu Shivdasani. There are 21 hotels and resorts in 17 countries with at least two more slated to open in 2023, one in Rome and one in the Himalayas.

Sustainability, wellness, design as well as a commitment to the local community form a part of every six senses branding.

Mark Sands is British, and one of the leading figures in Wellness globally. Within his role as Vice President of Wellness for Six Senses, he implements some of the most revolutionary wellness retreats and says wellness is the new luxury for high end global travellers.

Six Senses New York

Here he talks openly not only about the wellness philosophies of Six Senses, but shares his insider health hacks that are born of his decades of experience within the health and wellness space. He shares his own habits, rituals and disciplines to build a cleaner, healthier, longer life.

Wellness has been a part of Sand’s career since his first job at an upmarket golf club in Surrey in the UK, and then expanded significantly when he worked for renowned health retreat Ananda in the Himalayas.

Inside Six Senses New York

He still returns to the Himalayas to re-set and re-boot and ground his life, as it is where his wife comes from and where he found new meaning for life. He says every human being should go there once in their life to find meaning.

Sands is a fan of traditional medicine, in particular Ayurveda, but he also respects and pays homage to Western medical practises.

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