Insider Travel Tips: Celebrating New Years Eve in Sydney

celebrating New Years in Sydney

Hundreds of thousands flock to the city to celebrate New Years Eve in Sydney.

Here are some travel tips to help you get the most out of your night, whether it’s your first or 51st time celebrating New Years Eve in Sydney.

1) There are 2 lots of fireworks: There are fireworks around 9pm, which are great for small children, as they are awake enough to enjoy it. The big ones come at midnight, and last 12 minutes and are fired from 7 barges in the harbour as well as other points around both sides of the harbour.

2) There is a soundtrack for both lots of fireworks on 2Day FM, so put this on wherever you are at both times and the ABC TV stream it all live from 830pm.

3) Vantage Points: Many people que up from early in the morning right until midnight for a great spot, but there are thousands of places to see the fireworks as there are multiple firework locations throughout the harbour. I have found rooftops in the Eastern suburbs anywhere from the city to Vaucluse work brilliantly, and are far less stressful than public venues.

4) The weather can be temperamental: As above, whilst we are experiencing he hottest summer since World War 2, anything could happen on the day – or night, and getting soaked after waiting around for hours is no fun. Check weather forecasts and be prepared.

5) New Years Day is bigger & often better than NYE: Over the past 5 years, New years Day has grown into a major Sydney social event. Bondi Icebergs and Catalina lead the charge with parties that last all day, and you pay a set fee for a ticket, then drink and eat unlimited quantities from morning until night.

6) Be careful on the beaches New Year’s Day: I am a jogger, and running on the beach can be hazardous on New Years Day. There are always people sleeping, but there are also broken bottles, syringes and all manner of left overs, so take care.

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