The Most Popular Places to Travel to in 2019 (They’re Surprising)

The holiday destinations around the world which are rising and falling in popularity might surprise you.

Gone are the days where tourists swarm to see the Eiffel Tower (for now) as a priority, now they can be seen travelling to places like Seoul to see Gyeongbokgung Palace and Warsaw for its old town square and Gothic churches.

Visiting lesser known and less popular locations is on trend. Travellers are seeking new and more rewarding destinations. Exotic locations such as El Nido in the Philippines and Budapest’s ancient churches in Hungary are on the hot list.

New research is showing common trends across all travellers on a global scale, revealing there has been a shift in the world’s most increasingly popular destinations.

These are the top five cities studies have shown travellers are visiting:

  • Budapest up 87%
  • Seoul up 70%
  • Copenhagen up 68%
  • Tel Aviv up 63%
  • Warsaw up 63%

Research has shown when it comes to cities, the most popular being visited right now are Budapest in Hungary and Seoul in South Korea.

Budapest, Hungary

General interest in travelling to these cities had been slowly increasing over time. But in the last decade there has been a dramatic growth in visitors.

Government-led tourism campaigns is driving marketing for these cities, and a big bonus is the affordable cost of a visit. Cities such as Budapest have now been rated one of the cheapest places to visit in all of Europe.

Conversely, the top five cities which have seen a massive decrease in tourism are:

  • Sharm El Sheikh less 91%
  • St Petersburg less 76%
  • Cairo less 74%
  • Las Vegas less 60%
  • Varna less 51%

Research has shown security risks as the leading cause of reduced tourism in many of the above locations, but there is no real explanation as to why tourism has flourished over the last decade in cities such as Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan.


The top five countries being visited for 2019 are:

  • Philippines up 170%
  • South Korea up 76%
  • Saudi Arabia up 56%
  • Kazakhstan up 47%
  • Netherlands up 43%

With many of the above-mentioned countries being avoided throughout the 90s period due to political conflicts, most saw an increase in tourism and google searching from 2010, showing interest in travelling to countries like Saudi Arabia and the Philippines are back on the itinerary and fast becoming hot spots for any intrepid traveller.

Most new and popular locations offer a plethora of luxury resorts at an afforable price.

Researchers believe other previous popular locations like Paris, Italy and even Athens, have become too hard to travel to for most people.

And with packages now including cheaper flights with accommodation and of course a side-serving of action-packed surfing, camel riding or romantic getaways in fantastical exotic locations, it’s no wonder tourists are flocking to these more exciting locations for their holidays.

The Great Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Egypt

These are the five countries which have seen a major decrease in popularity as a travel destination:

  • Egypt less 84%
  • Tunisia less 71%
  • Turkey less 67%
  • France less 54%
  • Brazil less 49%

Where will your next travel location be?

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