Amazing Things To Do In Lombok

There is no doubt Lombok is on track to become one of South east Asia’s most popular Islands. There are so many amazing things to do, but go now before the crowds move in.

There are so many things to do in Lombok, Indonesia from wellness, nature and culinary activities as well as one of the most luxurious five star resorts in Indonesia, The Oberoi Beach Resort, but more on that later.

The island can be reached by a short 90 minute boat ride from Bali or by commercial plane. Lombok was massively effected by an earthquake in 2018. Six hundred people died and there was much devastation to the local community including many hotels.

It meant a lot of buildings had to be rebuilt. As soon as they were finished, the pandemic then hit, so tourists have stayed away from Lombok for several long years.

Now is this best time to go for the island holiday of your life and to experience a location largely uncommercialised and inhabited by warm, kind, gentle people, gorgeous food and endless natural beauty. Long, relaxing days and calm or party filled nights are all options.

And just nearby (20 minutes by boat) the Gili islands provide another haven of natural beauty and a thriving, food and party scene.

Amazing things to do in Lombok that you will love:

Beautiful Beaches and Stunning Clear Water:

Lombok is surrounded by stunning ribbons of white sandy beach and clear waters.

A lot of South East Asia lacks clear white ribbons of clean sand and clear water, but Lombok has this in abundance.

There are so many places to safely, calm swim in the toasty warm water, and lie on the beach with a great book all day.

You can easily find seemingly untouched beaches, which are completely secluded, waters you can see right through and locations to watch the sun rise or set on either side of the island. It is stunningly romantic. Paradise.

pink sand beach in Lombok, Indonesia.
The Pink Sand Beach is an amazing highlight of a visit to the paradise that is Lombok. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Pink Sand Beach, Lombok:

Many people say the pink beach is the highlight of a trip to Lombok. Located on the south eastern shore of Lombok, well off the beaten track is a striking beach, Tangsi Beach, better known as Lombok’s Pink Beach.

It is one of only 10 pink sand beaches in the world, and it is believed the pink colour results from a nearby reef which is pink in colour and bits fall off and get swept up onto the beach with the tide.

It sits at the edge of a tiny sparsely populated fishing village, called Sekaroh. Getting there is an adventure in itself as involves a stay in nearby Kuta and a long drive the next day to get there – make sure your phone is well charged for the spectacular instagram pics. There is nothing and no-one on the beach which makes it even more special.

Jaw dropping Mount Rinjani in Lombok. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Hiking up Mount Rinjani

The island of Lombok has some steep hikes which are seriously invigorating and will sharply increase your fitness, and take you face to face with some stunning natural Indonesian wonders.

Most people do a 3 day hike up the summit of the gigantic live volcano, Mout Rinjani (Gunung Rinjani is part of the lesser Sundau islands ) but it can be done in two if you are prepared to push your fitness to its limits.

There are some very steep peaks hiking up Mount Rinjani, which leads to breathtaking views at the top. You can book a guide as well as porters to carry luggage, and the view from the top into the crater is extraordinary.

The golf courses in Lombok are world class and offer sublime views.


It is a little known fact that Lombok has a world class, International golf course, Lombok Golf Kosaido Country Club with a thrilling course and spectacular ocean views.

It was designed by Peter Thomson following the natural shape and contour of the land and is an 18 hole championship course. Many Europeans are discovering it, and slowly making their way there, and once they have done 18 holes, they return again and again.

There is a second course, Rinjani Golf Club located 500 metres above sea level and designed by Jack Nicklaus and 40 minutes from the Senggigi resort area. A bonus is the super clean air, and clear blue skies overhead.

road through Lombok, Indonesia
Lombok is a tripical, peaceful haven.

No Crowds:

At the time of writing, Lombok was undiscovered and largely uncommercialised in terms of restaurants, shops and bars, which means there are few tourists and getting around is relatively easy in private cars which are inexpensive.

Traffic is generally light and nothing like nearby Bali.

You can easily find secluded, isolated locations from beaches to mountain tops and waterfalls. Booking tours and guides as well as boats to take you around is easy and relatively inexpensive.

Lombok’s waterfalls are absolutely spectacular. Image courtesy of Pinterest.


There are three main waterfalls in Lombok and they are located within tropical forests where monkeys live and the natural environment provides peace and tranquility and exceptionally instagrammable moments.

There is a decent hike to each of them but two can be done in half a day quite comfortably, and there are restaurants near the start so you can stay well fuelled.

Gilli Lombok is one of South east Asia's greatest places to snorkel and be at one with nature.
Gili Lombok is one of South East Asia’s greatest places to snorkel and be at one with nature.

The Islands Nearby:

Lombok is the gateway to the Gili islands, and the magical underwater life that live there including rainbow fish of every colour and size as well as hundreds of turtles and stunning coral reefs.

Plenty of underwater marine life can be seen simply by snorkelling on the water’s surface, but deep divers rave about the place, and the underwater world they can explore there.

The water is unpolluted and clean. The local divers and boat people in the area are very experienced and kind and offer bread to snorkelers to ensure they see as much of the gorgeous colours and life as possible.

One of the local markets in Lombok.

Local Communities:

The local communities are well aware of sustainability and of the importance of connecting with tourists.

Local villages open their doors to tourists to come in and see how they live, cook, share the chores and raise families all in small, supportive communities.

This can be a fascinating experience for travellers of all ages, and helps global tourists understand what is actually needed by the villagers who live simple, wholesome, happy lives.

The prestigious five star Oberoi Beach Resort, Lombok

The Oberoi Beach Resort Lombok:

There are many well travelled and well heeled guests who say this luxury five star Oberoi Beach Resort in Lombok is one of Indonesia’s leading luxury resorts, and one of its best kept secrets.

Over 90,000 square metres of expansive, neatly manicured lawns cusp the edge of the ocean with 20 luxury villas, some oceanfront with their own pools as well as 30 pavilion rooms with exceptional five star service, extraordinary local and western cuisine and the exclusive Oberoi style and touch.

This is the ultimate luxury accommodation and my pick for the ultimate holiday in Lombok. Located in the north you can start or end your trip around the island here, and it is very close to Gili Air, one of the best islands to explore even for just half a day for a taste of what these unique islands have to offer.

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