Fitness First Founder’s Innovative New Health Idea for Offices

new health idea for the workplace

Tony De Leede has been in the wellness space for over 35 years, and she has just launched a revolution new health idea for the workplace.

Leading wellness entrepreneur Tony De Leede’s latest creation – “the wello”, is set to bring a whole new level of productivity into the workplace with a new health idea for the office.

Toni De Leede is also the founder and CEO of Fitness First Australia, launching his globally-recognised luxury lifestyle retreat Gwinganna in the Gold Coast, successfully holding a Board position at the Global Wellness Summit and his most recent venture, Wellness Solutions. 

Wellness Solutions offer the installation of creative wellness spaces within the workplace for staff to take breaks and re-centre themselves before getting back to the grind of their daily work duties.

They have introduced a concept, coined “the wello” which plays on the idea of taking a break throughout the day just like a “smoko” but for the purpose of maintaining your well-being.

This bite-sized break can last from 5-30 minutes and is geared to relax and recharge your mind, body and soul through different wellness exercises.

Tony said, “Studies have shown that employees who experience relaxation with others during their lunch breaks were less exhausted during the afternoon. Other studies have found that short breaks in the afternoon resulted in a higher work engagement and daily 15 minutes walks resulted in a 30 percent productivity boost.”

Wellness Solutions set up wellness and recovery rooms within corporate spaces in order to cater for the “wello break”.

These rooms consist of a variety of wellness pods to elevate the experience and ensure productivity levels are at a maximum once they return to work.

Fashioned similarly to a luxury recliner, each chair sits one person.

O2 Chairs offer users a zero-gravity experience whilst being guided through breathing and meditation exercises whilst Recovery Chairs scan and massage the body relieving fatigue and stimulating blood circulation.

Wellness Solutions also sell infrared sauna pods which use colour therapy as well as Himalayan Pink Salt to give your body a total detox from the inside out.  

Infrared Sauna from Wellness Solutions

The rooms are also set up for Yoga, Pilates or mediation classes, with special multi-use LED display screens which host a wide variety of video content to follow delivered by professional wellness experts.

Wellness Solutions Yoga Room
Wellness Solutions Yoga Room

The best part about creating these spaces within the workplace is that co-workers can embark on their wellness journeys together.

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