The Remote Indonesian Island drawing the elite searching for five star wellness.

horses on the beach at Nihi Sumba in Indonesia

On the Remote Indonesian island of Sumba lies a resort attracting the world’s elite searching for wellness and calm.

David Beckham loves this remote Indonesian Island and stays at Nihi Sumba with his family, the luxury resort fast gaining traction as one of the world’s best for wellness, calm and serenity.

Nihi Sumba General Manager Madlen Ernest shares a fascinating story about Beckham’s recent visit when Beckham and his family visited the local community on his request, and no-one knew who he was. Locals in Sumba don’t scour instagram, or read newspapers online or follow instagram.

Nihi Sumba is as disconnected from the real world, and as calm as it gets. Guests love it.

The Indonesian Resort, Nihi Sumba is one of the world’s best for Wellness.

Beckham is one of many celebrities who flock to this remote and calm island to find inner peace, wellness and meaning.

Nihi Sumba has its own horses who run on the beach, and they too have their own dentist and their very own wellness program to ensure they too enjoy the calm, health benefits and peace of this unique location.

Nihi Sumba offers five star luxury on one of the most remote islands in the world.

This is one of the world’s best wellness and luxury resorts which runs at a relaxed pace but provides luxury and wellness beyond the imagination. Austrian Madlen Ernest is the inspiring General Manager who is passionate about her resort, as well as her life in South East Asia.

Here she speaks to Renae about the unique benefits and bonuses of this incredible resort in this sublime location.

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