The Most Luxurious Spa in Saigon

The Spa Intercontinental Asiana Saigon is quite literally one of the most beautiful places in the world to relax.

In Saigon, a city with 9 million people, and around 8.9 million of them on motorbikes daily, I needed to take time out, and the spa treatments in the hotel I stayed in were too good not to miss.

I am often asked what makes a great day spa, and frankly the Spa Intercontinental Asiana in Saigon has all of the elements that make me want to go back. I had three treatments during a recent two night stay.


A highlight for me was a 30 minute body scrub made with raw, natural ingredients

To me, that says it all, as there is plenty to do in Saigon, from amazing restaurants, great shopping, sight seeing and history tours, I could not fit everything in, so a spa had to be exceptional to keep me away from all of the activities outside the hotel, and this one is

From home made body products carefully mixed from the finest local ingredients including green tea, coconut, orange rind and natural oils, to tranquil rooms designed in white to be spacious, and calming and home made herbal teas, it is a personalised experience from beginning to end.

Staff here are tested and given training updates every three months to ensure the quality of service remains high, and it shows. Even the clothes they wear helped me relax. They wear elegantly relaxed white pant suits.

The spa interiors are designed as a sensory blend of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch so that from the moment you walk in, you can’t hep but calm down and take things slowly. Quite the opposite to how one feels walking out of the hotel into the streets of Saigon.


The Intercontinental Asiana Saigon has one of the most beautiful spas in the Asia where many ingredients are hand made.

A highlight for me was a 30 minute body scrub made with raw, natural ingredients, in my case, coconut and sea salt, which is an optional add-on before a massage treatment. There is something special about having real ingredients rubbed into your skin as opposed to a product from a jar. Pure bliss. The natural fragrance was heavenly.

Unlike many Western spas, the therapists don’t talk to you during the treatments, which I liked. I really like to zone out during a treatment.

The Spa Intercontinental also offers a four hands massage – 2 therapists at once- which was absolutely incredible, and left me feeling totally supple, strong but yet relaxed. I didn’t want it to end.

And like most things in Vietnam, the prices are very cheap for what you get. This is a five star spa if not higher, an experience.220627

A spa treatment is a welcome relief at any time of the day, and the spa at the Intercontinental Asiana Saigon is my pick, and I’m not the only one, as it won the Luxury Hotel Spa Award in 2016 and 2015.

Don’t miss this, and a cocktail in the bar afterwards is a treat I couldn’t resist before climbing into bed and having a very peaceful night’s sleep.

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