The Airlines That Allow You To Travel With Your Pet At A Price

Want to travel with your pet? There are certain airlines that will allow you to travel with your pet, at a price.

Qantas’s pet service are currently suspended if you want to fly out of Australia with your pet, as are Virgin Australia’s pet travel policies. So Singapore airlines seems to be your best option for now, unless you have a private jet which is the best option of all.

But once you are out of Australia, there are multiple airlines that will allow your pet to accompany you,  and some even let you take your beloved on board with you, inside the cabin.

In business class on some airlines you can also buy your pet a seat, and falcons on some airlines are absolutely ok in the economy cabin.

Pets need VIP attention when travelling on planes to ensure their physical and emotional health is maintained.

Singapore Airlines: 

The only way to take your pet out of Australia on the same flight as you.

Cabin: Only assistance and emotional support dogs allowed on board. These can fly free of charge.

In The Hold: Pets at least three months old and weighing less than 32kg (including crate) can travel as ‘checked baggage’. Some dog breeds are banned. 

Prices: Between US$120 and US$280 ($180 to $425) depending on the route as well as the size of the animal.

The full pet policy is here:

Air France:

The ultimate in pet travel for small dog and cat lovers

Cabin: You’re  allowed to take cats and dogs in the cabin. They must weigh no more than 8 kg (including their travel bag).

Limit of three animals per person and each pet must have a crate suitable for their size and weight. 

Costs: For flights in metropolitan France – €40 ($60) in the cabin; €80 ($120) in the hold.

For Europe: €55 ($85) in the cabin; €200 ($310) in the hold.

Other flights: €125 ($195) in the cabin; €400 ($625) in the hold

Full pet policy:

A travel adventure with your pet is the ultimate for many, but finding an airline that works is a challenge.


Cabin: Only service animals allowed on board (apart from falcons on certain flights to/from Dubai). 

Hold: Certain cats, dogs and birds can travel in the hold for trips where transit time is less than 17 hours.

Costs: Between US$500 and US$800 ($750-$1200), depending on your pet’s weight and size.

Emirates pet Policy:


Great for cat and dog lovers flying to and from Abu Dhabi.

Cabin: You can pay to bring your cat or dog on board Etihad flights to/from Abu Dhabi. 

In economy, your pet must fit under the seat in front of you. In business/first class, you need to book your pet its own seat.

You must fill in a special form and provide appropriate documents at least two weeks before travel.

Cargo: Most pets must be transported as manifested cargo with Etihad Cargo

Price: $1500 or 215,000 Etihad Guest Miles (plus the price of a seat in business/first class).

Etihad Pet Policy: Full rules here.

Pets are generally not fond of travel and prefer to be in the cabin with their master.


Great for falcon owners

Cabin: Qatar Airways allows up to six falcons (one per passenger) in the economy section

Hold: Qatar forbids certain breeds from travel, including exotic, Persian and shirazi cats, and all snub-nosed and pug-nosed dogs.

Prices: You’ll pay from US$200 to US$450 ($300 to $680), depending on your pet’s weight and your destination.

See the Qatar policy here:

British Airways:

Not the best airline for pet lovers.

Cabin: No animals allowed

Hold: Only assistance dogs allowed in the hold

The full BA pet policy:

Costs: £800 ($1400) to £3500 ($6000), depending on the size of a pet and destination.

Pets can be lethargic after long journeys.

American Airlines:

Does allow pets in the cabin if you are organised ahead of time.

Cabin: You must book your pet ahead of time and they have to sit in a kennel under the seat in front of you for the entire flight. This is limited to flights in North America. The kennel replaces a carry on luggage item.

The full AA pet policy:

Costs: US$125 ($190) per kennel in the cabin. 

Cargo fees vary depending on distance and will be confirmed at time of booking.

Fiji Airways: 

Not overly pet friendly

Cabin: Only service animals permitted in cabin.

Cargo: Domestic pets and other live animals to fly with the airline’s freight division.

Click here for more:

Price: POA

A trip with a pet takes careful planning.

Virgin Australia:

All Pet Transport currently suspended


Pets not allowed in cabin and all pet transport currently suspended.

Click here to book the right flight with your pet.

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