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The best restaurants in Capri

List of Restaurants in Capri where you will love to eat. Emperor Augustus called it “Apragopolis”, the city of do-nothings, and said the people in Capri spent their days eating or carousing, which in truth is what most people…


Can I go topless, please?

It’s a question women – including me – are asking when sitting on the beach the world over. Can I go topless? If you are Muslim and wear a burkini, you’re not asking to go topless of course, but…

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I fell in love with the concierge today

Don’t panic – I’m not declaring my love for a stranger – a concierge-  on my website just yet. But rather acknowledging the astonishingly good, insightful & even riveting entertainment the concierge at Rome’s Hotel De Russie provided for…