Sydney’s Secret Bars

The Doss house bar, Sydney

These Sydney underground bars deliver all things from cocktails to live music and an imperturbable ambiance.

There’s something mysterious and sensual about going to underground bars that display trend and sophistication. Almost all the bars have a theme from 1920s to New York inspired, there is no doubt the bar’s offer a new experience in the Sydney nightlife environment.

Sydney offers some of the best nightlife (8 sneaky Sydney bars) underground here are the four best underground Sydney bars.

1. The swinging cat

The swinging cat, New Orleans inspired bar
The swinging cat, New Orleans inspired bar

On one of Sydney’s busiest streets an underground bar inspired by New Orleans lifestyle and music, the swinging cat offers a sensual and lively experience. Cocktails as far as the eye can see, this bar is one of Sydney’s secret gems everyone must try at least once.

44 King Street, Sydney

2. The Baxter Inn

The Baxter Inn, whisky bar under the hustle of Sydney

Sydney’s slice of New York, hidden behind the Shady Pines Saloon. A wall that stretches the length of the bar is filled with whisky, wines and any other alcoholic beverage available. The Baxter Inn provides drinks with complimentary pretzels providing for a long night of embracing the moment.

152-156 Clarence Street, Sydney

3. Door Knock

Door knock greenery and busy nightlife
Door knock greenery and busy nightlife

Underneath the hustle and bustle of Pitt Street lies Door Knock. A homey environment with cocktails using unexpected ingredients to bring a flavorsome and unique take to ordinary cocktail bars above the ground. With four distinct areas within the bar the greenery, rope and corrugated iron aesthetic provides a different feel to most secret bars it is a comfortable and cosy scene. Door Knock bar is one of Sydney’s best kept secrets (till now).

B2/70 Pitt St, Sydney

4. The Doss House

The Doss house bar, Sydney’s hidden gem

Hidden in Sydney’s historic quarter, The Doss House is ideally located in the Rocks. From its original stature of a boarding house to now a whisky bar. The rich history of The Doss house accentuates the historical architecture and interior design of the bar. With over 150 choices of whisky and a wide range of signature cocktails. The Doss House is one of Sydney’s best kept underground bars around.

77 – 79 George Street, The Rocks

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