Why You could miss your next flight at Sydney airport

There’s a new policy at Sydney airport that could make you miss your next flight.

The number of announcements being read out has been vastly reduced in the interested of a more chilled setting here in Sydney.

Many business and first class lounges have implemented this globally, due to passenger frustration at the constant barrage of interruptions about late flights, flights boarding, and Mr & Mrs Smith being MIA for flight 69.

You get the drift.

It works ok in the lounges, as there are always diligent staff around to nudge guests who have been sitting around for extended periods, but in the mainstream part of the airport, it could cause issues.

There is nothing worse than running late for a flight.

Officially, it is part of a “quiet terminal” initiative, so create a more relaxing environment for passengers and crew.

We read about it in Lonely Planet. Basically it is up to you now, not only to check in, check your luggage in and go through security, but you need to ensure you know which gate your flight is leaving from, the times and any delays – and get there on time.

Your gate will be printed on the boarding pass (apparently) and you will be informed upon check in (I guess as long as you don’t check in with one of the automated computers?

It is not new. Hong Kong, Helsinki, Changi Airport in Singapore all implemented it before Sydney, and are considered world leaders. So we are in good company.

As far as I am concerned, Business and first class have never looked better.

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