Liz Biden Started a Business at 50. Here’s How.

The incredible Liz Biden started her business at 50 years of age, and it is now one of the world’s best family-owned collection of luxury boutique hotels.

The incredible interiors created by Liz Biden

Liz Biden is the incredible woman behind The Royal Portfolio of Hotels in South Africa, a five star luxury group of boutique properties that attract the world’s richest and most famous people.

The hotels that are part of The Royal Portfolio and designed by Liz Biden are just spectacular.

In this fascinating conversation with Renae she talks about starting the business at 50 after selling her fashion empire, and wanting something to do.

La Residence, a property that is part of The Royal Portfolio Liz Biden has created in South Africa.

With her husband, they converted the family’s holiday house in South Africa into a guest house, The Royal Malewane and have never looked back.

Here she talks about singer Bono serenading guests, Michael Jordan staying as a guest and reveals her insider secrets on how to design multiple hotels and hotel rooms with her unique colourful interiors style which has made The Royal Portfolio famous.

Incredible designs at the properties that make up The Royal Portfolio.

Biden is a much loved doyen of the hospitality industry globally, and a wonderful personality who now has her entire family working in the business.

A visit to one of her properties in South Africa is a once in a lifetime bucket list experience.

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