A Review of Aussie Health Retreat: The Golden Door

A stay at The Golden Door in the Hunter Valley is a real treat when it comes to finding serenity and zen.

Located in the scenic and tranquil area of the Hunter Valley in northern New South Wales, Aussie health retreat The Golden Door pride themselves in nurturing a person’s well-being from start to finish.

And, if you thought health retreats were all about boot camp styled exercise regimes, green juices and strict early morning rises, you’d be right. But not at The Golden Door.

Whether you’re choosing to become more active in life, need a good detox or simply looking to take a break from reality to rest and restore in the beautiful mountain settings of the Hunter region, The Golden Door will certainly help guide you on your journey in-order to help you reach your ultimate health goals.

The itinerary is flexible, depending on what you want to get out of your stay there.

For beginners; looking to kick-start their detox or journey of well-being, you are given the option of joining in on all the exercise classes offered. These range from using the weights in the gym area, cycle classes, hiking and Pilates.

There is no obligation for anyone to join in on any or all the fitness activities. However, if you did sign up for the detox or boot camp styled fitness programs, then you will be required to attend at least one or two of them daily.

Most of these activities; apart from the sunrise Tai Chi on meditation hill at 6.30am, are during the day. And with breakfast being served up from 8am, there is no early morning wake up call; even on the fitness programs.

But for those who are already on their path to true wellness and just looking for some down time away from life, there is plenty of yoga, Tai Chi and meditation to help you centre your chi and restore your natural balance from a busy lifestyle.

Or you can skip the activities altogether and just stay in your room relaxing with a good book and a cuppa all day. The rooms are spacious and luxurious enough to temp anyone to stay in all day.

When you book, just make sure you let the staff know the reason why your staying, to help them cater the perfect program for you. By specifying you are staying simply to unwind and restore, they will generally leave you alone to rest and relax.

Do request a reserved table for yourself (and friend, if you’re not going alone) to ensure you don’t have to eat at the communal tables. Otherwise, you could be expected to sit with other people staying at the resort. Which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a health retreat if there weren’t some amazing spa treatments on offer too.

Their day spa Elysium is tranquil and serene. The prefect spot for unwinding with a signature massage, a pedicure or facial treatment. There is even a sauna and indoor swimming pool for anyone looking to detox their tired muscles and flush toxins from the skin.

If you’re worried about what the food at The Golden Door. Don’t be, its anything but boring.

Breakfast can range from local mushrooms and tomato on toast, with a side-serving of bacon, to roasted homemade muesli or deliciously warming oats. Lunch is often a plate of fresh homegrown veggies or salads; grown in a small veggie patch at The Golden Door, served alongside fish or chicken. And dinner; often made up of two courses, is a variety of hearty vegetable soups and main meal of either fish or chicken with veggies.

On Saturdays, you even get a delicious sugar free treat for dessert.

Of course, there is no coffee or wine at The Golden Door, as a lot of people staying there are looking to completely detox from both yummy elixirs, so do prepare your body before you go. Especially if you generally start your morning with a coffee.

The staff at The Golden Door and warm and welcoming and very accommodating, if you specify exactly why you are there.

There really is nothing quiet like enjoying some down time in the Hunter Valley, surrounded by lavender and stunning green mountains of the regions. And of course, the local kangaroos are always there to greet you when you arrive and farewell you when you leave.

For more details on The Golden Door, click here.

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