Renae knows exactly what it takes as a luxury hotel consultant in South East Asia and Europe

Luxury Hotel Consultant for Success in High End Luxury Hotels in South East Asia and Europe

Founded by Renae Leith-Manos and emerging from the success of ‘Renae’s World‘, an elite luxury hotel review platform, our consultancy , Luxury Hotel Consulting specialises in working and partnering with globally recognised luxury hotel brands. 

Staff retention, sustainable business practises, global food and beverage offerings are at the heart of our luxury hotel consulting business.

Guided by Renae, we are a team of luxury hotel consultants dedicated to refining, innovating, and elevating every facet of the luxury hotel industry. Our mission is to transform world-class hotels into unparalleled luxury experiences in South East Asia and Europe.

Our team is results driven and expansive, and located across the globe. Different cultures and countries sometimes require different approaches. We have luxury hotel consulting experts on hand to support, drive, inspire and trouble shoot in South East Asia and Europe.

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Whether you’re looking to retain staff, implement a sustainability program, upscale your food and beverage offerings or improve your staff’s skills and knowledge, stay on top of current trends and practices, or simply get the support and guidance you need to succeed, Renae is here for you at Luxury Hotel Consulting

Luxury Consultant; Hotels and Travel, Renae Leith-Manos

Our current focus is on sustainability, staff retention and advisory within the elite luxury hotel industry in South East Asia and Europe.

Our services in person and remotely in South East Asia and Europe include:

Analysis: We start by understanding your current situation and goals. 

Support: We then provide you with the support you need to implement your new strategies. 

Advice: We offer expert advice on all aspects of hotel operations, from sustainability to  marketing, sales and food and beverage. We are familiar with the very latest trends and best practices in the luxury hotel industry in Southeast Asia and Europe.

Execution: We take care of the execution of your new strategies, so you can focus on running your hotel. 

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Europe, Paris:

I have worked with Renae for some of the most luxurious brands in Paris for over two decades.

Renae has a black book of luxury hotel contacts all over not only Paris but France including St Tropez, Cannes, Nice, Lyon and the wine areas which includes luxury designers, property developers, hoteliers, restauranteurs, chefs and business people.  She is usually in France 2-3 times a year. She is a very talented coach and fabulous communicator whether online or in person. She even speaks a little French. Renae is a real professionnal and it has been a pleasure to work with her over so many years, with many more to come.  I highly recommend her working capacities and her friendly personality.

Cassandra M, France

South East Asia, Indonesia:

“After working with Luxury Hotel Consulting, the team at The Oberoi Beach Resort saw a marked difference in our team and their confidence when speaking with international travellers, especially the new team members. The team was able to understand a guest’s perspective within top luxury hotels, delivered by one of their own”

Oberoi Lombok, Hotel Manager Tanmay Vaidya.


I met Renae in 2016 and have worked with her in Europe. She had a relationship with the La Reserve Hotel group for over a decade.  Renae is a fabulous coach, a lovely very positive person and she travels the world helping people for a living (a real globetrotter).

 She is passionate about the world of global experiential luxury travel, and is usually in Europe 4-5 times a year. Over the past 5 years Renae has built a global community including clients in  Asia, the US and Europe as well as Australia on her blog, and associated social media platforms.

Katya, Switzerland


I felt Renae’s support and guidance not only for my short-term goals but also for my big crazy dreams. It was so refreshing to have a coach that I felt was truly in my corner, and I see her in all her client’s corners. She pushes us to explore new skills that we might shy away from and to dive into roles we might be unfamiliar with. I couldn’t recommend Renae highly enough – she inspires all her clients and helps them reach and achieve  higher in their careers.

Claudia R, Australia

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