Paradise Found: Mark Kitchen from Six Senses Fiji Unveils Luxe Island Bliss

Australian General Manager Mark Kitchen shares the Six Senses DNA.

Mark Kitchen speaks to Renae on her podcast, Where To From Here and explains why Fiji steals the hearts of Aussies and Americans seeking ultimate luxury island escape. With Helicopter Transfers, Private Pools, and Eco-Luxe Charm, this five star luxury resort has it all.

Six Senses Malolo Island in Fiji is a tropical paradise and one of Fiji’s most luxurious and exclusive resorts. Australian General Manager Mark Kitchen is running it, and has been passionate about Fiji for many years. He has an extensive history working for some of the world’s most luxurious properties, and worked for Tony Robbins on his private island in Fiji.

He talks us through the Six Senses DNA, and also about Fiji and why this unique destination is loved by so many Australians and Americans looking for the ultimate luxury island holiday.

Throughout the interview, Renae brings to light the details that distinguish Six Senses Fiji as a leading luxury resort across all areas including a significant sustainability program. Wellness and sustainability are pillars of the property as are GEMS – guest experience managers assigned to every villa to ensure every single guest at Six Senses Fiji has the unique holiday experience they are looking for.

The conversation with Kitchen offers an in-depth understanding of what makes this Fijian haven a sought-after destination for discerning travellers seeking an exclusive and sustainable island experience.

In a captivating interview, Australian General Manager Mark Kitchen invites viewers into the world of Six Senses Fiji, a resort that embodies the epitome of island luxury. Renowned luxury hotel reviewer Renae Leith-Manos explores the unique elements that make Six Senses a favorite among Australian and American travelers.

A Sanctuary Crafted with Cultural Respect

Listeners are introduced to the resort’s design philosophy, which honors Fijian heritage while providing modern luxury. Kitchen discusses the thoughtful integration of native materials and cultural elements throughout the resort’s architecture and interior design.

Discover the Six Senses Experience in Fiji

Kitchen delves deep into the essence of Six Senses, a brand known for its unparalleled luxury, personalised services, wellness focus, and commitment to sustainability.

The interview reveals how Six Senses Fiji, located on Malolo Island, captures the hearts of its guests with its eco-luxe appeal, private pools, and the convenience of helicopter transfers, as well as fast boats offering a five-star tropical retreat.

Journey to Paradise: Accessing Six Senses Fiji

The interview discusses the ease of reaching this slice of paradise from anywhere in the world, highlighting Fiji Airways’ direct routes and the seamless arrival experience provided by Six Senses, from refreshing welcome amenities to swift transfers to the island.

Embracing Fijian Hospitality

The warmth of Fijian hospitality, or the ‘Bula’ spirit, comes to life as Kitchen describes the personalised approach to guest experiences at Six Senses Fiji. From the moment of arrival, guests are immersed in the local culture, greeted with music, smiles, and a genuine sense of belonging.

Gastronomy and Leisure at Six Senses Fiji

The interview highlights the resort’s culinary landscape, including the Tovolea restaurant and the all-natural Ice Cream Sala, free for all guests, showcasing the breadth of dining options under the guidance of executive chef Ihaka Peri.

More than 30% of produce served at Six Senses Fiji is grown on the island.

The Epitome of Romantic Escapes

Renae uncovers the allure of the beachfront villas, where eco-chic meets romance.

The discussion includes the privacy and luxury of these accommodations, complete with private pools and direct beach access, making for an idyllic honeymoon destination.

In line with Six Senses Wellness practises, each dish is reccomended for fitness, sleep or energy on the menu.

Just 25 kilometres from Nadi airport, most guests arrive at the island by helicopter to enjoy the 24 spacious pool villas and crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches.

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