One of The World’s Longest Flights Quietly Arrived in New York Amidst the Pandemic.

Singapore Airline’s newest non-stop flight from Singapore to New York took off, flying 10,324 miles setting to be the longest flight in history last week. 

Singapore is known for the beautiful airport and will now also be known for having the longest flight, by distance. 

On Monday 9th November, the night flight departed at 2:38am from Singapore Changi Airport, passing  Taiwan, Philippines, Tokyo, Alaska and landing in New York via Canada. 

This flight will be a new addition to routes between US and Asia, as well as an additional link to one of its most important trade connections.

The flight time was  17 hours and 20 mins.

This new American – South-Asian route makes it easier for trade and cargo to move between these two countries.

Which iswhy you probably haven’t heard about it. 

Trade vs. Commercial

According to the airlines, the flight will anticipate a “a significant cargo demand from a range of industries based in the New York metro area, including pharmaceuticals, e-commerce and technology firms.

“The new service will provide the only non-stop air cargo from the U.S. Northeast to Singapore, which serves as a regional distribution hub for many major based-companies”, says the airline. 

So this flight will benefit Singapore’s Airline network more so than the passengers and tourism. 

Flying through a pandemic

Singapore Airlines has implemented numerous safety precautions to ensure passengers are comfortable and safe. 

The airline released a range of safety measure for this flight to ensure it was both fit for purpose and risk averse. 

Not only this aircraft but all Singapore aircrafts are “equipped with sophisticated airflow managements systems that replace all cabin air every two to three minutes…ensures that particles, dust, viruses and bacteria are removed, producing cabin air that is of similar standard to the air in a hospital operating room”. 

The usual extensive cleaning prior to passengers boarding will take place including disinfecting tray tables, hard surfaces, screens and toilets. 

Headsets, headrest covers will be replaced for every passenger as well as linens, blankets and duvets will be high-temperature washed before every flight. 

Crew members wear protective gear such as goggles, latex gloves and masks in which the contact between passengers and crew members will be minimised. 

Additionally, personal kit cares will be provided to each passenger that will include a face mask, hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes. 

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