An Insiders Look At Travel In Paris Right Now

things to do in Paris right now

An insiders look at travel and tourism in Paris right now, with Renae Leith-Manos on the ground.

The latest luxury travel news from Paris about new hotels, trends and what is happening right now.

Renae is in Paris and shares some quick insights about the incredible swathe of top end new hotel openings, travel trends and changes she is observing in this post pandemic luxury travel world.

Palace Hotels are something unique to the luxury world of Paris, and in the last 12 months 4 exceptionally beautiful Palace Hotels have opened, the city is buzzing and tourists can bee seen filling the streets.

But like all global cities, Paris has had its share of challenges navigating the new world.

Here Renae speaks from outside the new Soho House in Paris, a first in Paris for this unique British Club, and talks about what she is seeing on the streets, how things have changed, and what to look for on your next trip to the city of love.

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