Luxury Hotels: La Mirage Garden Hotel and Spa Ecuador

La Mirage Garden Hotel and Spa is one of the most extraordinary hotels in Ecuador.

La Mirage Garden Hotel and spa is the best luxury hotel to finish a trip in South America, as it is brings together the very best of the entire continent in every way.

La Mirage is luxurious, easy, European in feel and relaxing. Images can’t do justice to the uniqueness of a stay here, as it is just so extraordinary. It is a hotel that prides itself on service and high standards, an it has been in business with the same owner for 32 years. Every room is filled with magnificent Ecuadorian roses.

The beautiful gardens at La Mirage, Ecuador

The lush gardens are littered with palm trees, fountains, greenery and peacocks. The staff are beautiful, professional ladies.

The day I arrived I booked in for a half hour massage, and walked into a spa area  that looked like something out of The South Of France, with sweeping white sails, around a crystal blue swimming pool with cream Versace lounge chairs.

The treatment rooms are underground and Grecian in feel, with European artefacts and pillar-like structures and statues. There were candles everywhere, and a heavenly sweet scent filled the air.

Treatments are like nothing I have seen anywhere and include melted chocolate on the skin in the chocolate treatment, a three level lavender infusion treatment and many more. The passion for serving guests and for uniqueness is evident everywhere here.

Renae Leith-Manos in her suite at the La Mirage Hotel and Spa, Ecuador

A steam room and hot spa before the massage helped loosen my muscles.

As I lay down for the massage, in front of an open fire burning, it started to rain outside. Gentle classical music played, as a very experienced therapist started to knead my back, and the whole experience was magically surreal. My mind and body felt cleansed and soothed simultaneously. It was absolutely amazing.

The treatment rooms at La Mirage, Ecuador

My suite was astonishing – filled with rich red antiques and artefacts including a gold European style hand painted screen, the furnishings were luxurious and again, more beautiful roses. There was a huge private terrace attached. I guess I just didn’t expect this level of service or luxury in Ecuador.

A three course dinner is included in the tariff – and is classically beautiful.  The dining room is again, elegantly decored in colonial style interiors, with crystal chandeliers everywhere, and the whole luscious room overlooks a peacock filled garden. (They coo during the night).

Renae-Leith Manos with a bouquet at La Mirage, Ecuador

Food is extraordinary with many different soups to select from (an Ecuadorian tradition) and duck being a classic, and desserts that match the spa treatments, including a 3 piece lavender or chocolate plate, both of which were extraordinary. A goldfish in a bowl was brought to our table to keep us company.

You need as many nights at La Mirage Garden Hotel and Spa as your schedule will allow. It is a piece of South American heaven – and don’t miss the spa.

Renae  Says:

Who should Stay here: Couples or groups of friends, and many families were there at the same time we were there.

Who shouldn’t stay here: I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy it.

Location: Fly into Quito, and it’s about a 90 minute drive from the airport.

Best culinary delight: The duck dishes in the restaurant are exceptional.

The Highlight: The incredible spa treatments – they are unique and superb.

The lowlight: There isn’t one unless you don’t like peacocks! As they live in the garden.

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