The Most Exclusive Christmas Gifts for Your Dad

luxury christmas gifts for dad

These 12 luxury Christmas gift ideas are perfect for your dad even if he wants nothing and has everything. 

Kit dad out for his next business trip or weekend away, with our exclusive Christmas gift guide for dad.

Buying a Christmas gift for dad can be challenging, especially when he says he wants nothing, because the best present is you and your love.

Dads are dependable, caring and, though we’ll never admit to saying it, actually funny.

Whether your dad does or doesn’t know how to assemble and repair just about everything, is updated with the latest news and knows more than a thing or two about any topic ever, or is a great home chef or the best Netflix adviser, he somehow makes time for you. 

So any opportunity to treat him with a little bit of luxury to show unwavering love and endless appreciation is one worth taking. 

While he may say he has everything, it’s probably because he just doesn’t know what cool and unique gadgets are out there yet. Namely the items sure to make life a little more exciting, and make him feel a little more special. 

Besides getting him a Rolex or a shiny new Mustang, here are 12 luxury items you can get for dad this Christmas. 

Qantas Wine – Penfolds Destination (prices vary)

Best for dads who love to wine and dine

If your dad’s a wine enthusiast, Qantas’ selection of premium wines is the way to go. Our recommendation? Penfolds Destination

With over 175 years of experience and location across the best vineyards of Australia (primarily in South Australia), Penfolds serves only the finest of wines. 

Take, for example, Penfolds’ Bin 339’(also known as ‘Baby Grange)’ which is by far the most notorious of the Penfolds Wines range; it is officially listed as a Heritage Icon of South Australia. Grange is meticulously crafted using fully ripe, intensely flavoured and structured grapes offering a spectacular balance between a cabernet and shiraz. 

Alternatively, if your dad gravitates towards complex-flavoured wine, ‘Bin 704’ is a gorgeous, aromatic wine made with black currant and cool fruit to mimic the sensations of a black forest cake glazed with cherries and dark chocolate. 

Pair it with wagyu and veggies on the side to create the quintessential fine-dining experience at home.

If dad loves to kick back of an evening and enjoy a whisky or two, why not get dad a unique gift to be remembered and enjoyed. Like the The Whiskey Globe & Glasses from Gifts Australia RRP $79.

This elegant Whiskey Decanter Globe & Glass Set will stand out on any bar, counter top, or drinks trolley for that added touch of global travel and class. This stunning globe decanter with matching glassware features a frosted glass map of the earth for a truly unique barware gift.The decanter and matching whisky glasses are made of quality glassware with a frosted map of the earth.

Gilette – Heated Razor ($199) 

Best for dads who want a practical gift

If you’re looking to buy a luxury item your dad will use regularly, opt for the Heated Razor by Gilette. 

Shaving doesn’t have to be mundane and tedious – after all, it is a form of self-care. Gilette claims to have created the world’s first heated razor that feels like a hot towel with every stroke.

What does this mean? No more messy water splashes around the sink and on the floor when dad soaks his razor in hot water, and of course, no more having to wipe down the sink before every use. The mutual benefit makes this luxury item worth buying even more! 

Don’t fret, it’s safe to use even with the heat so he won’t burn himself. The heat is used to open up the pores and softens the hairs leading to a very clean shave. 

Powerbeats Pro – True Wireless Earbuds ($379.95)

Best for dads who love to workout 

Powered by the Apple H1 headphone chip, these earbuds will revolutionise the way dad works out. 

Built for athletes, the earbuds are lightweight and wireless, and are fitted to the ears with secure hooks that can be modified to any shape that will best hug them comfortably. 

The earbuds are sweat- and water-resistant with up to 9 hours of listening time, so there is absolutely no excuse for your dad to exercise with 100% intensity. 

Like any Apple device, voice-activated assistance through Siri, will ensure that your dad’s workout is uninterrupted. It’s likely that the rush of endorphins will remain constant for a little bit longer too. 

Ralph Lauren – Plus Mesh-Knit Cotton Quarter-Zip Sweater ($209)

Best for dads who love to look stylish

If you’ve got a fashion-forward father or, conversely, a father that rotates between 5 cotton t-shirts and 2 jackets, why not gift him a brand new swanky sweater? 

Ralph Lauren’s quarter-zip sweater is made with 100% cotton, so the material is both strong and super soft at the same time. This also means that it’s not too hot to be worn on a breezy summer day, and not too cold when you need a little extra warmth in the wintertime. 

Have your dad sport this sweater with a pair of white sneakers or loafers and chinos, and trust that he’ll look incredibly dapper and suave. 

Qantas Travel – Fiji Holidays Destination Packages (prices vary)

Best for dads who need extra R&R

Is dad a workaholic? Tired? Stressed because he left the chicken in the oven for too long? A tropical island getaway may just be the extra lush escape he needs. And nothing says R&R more than a Fiji Holidays Destination.

In just 4-5 hours of flight time, you can take dad overseas to the beautiful paradise of Fiji. With its superb weather, secluded white-sand beaches and refreshing crystal-clear water dad will experience the next level of tranquillity.

World-class resorts like the Hilton Fiji Beach Resort and Spa, InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa and Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island are available to choose from – all prices and Qantas points vary. However, with the current deal, you can use 45% fewer points to book a Holiday Package through Points Plus Pay.

If you’re not so sure dad will want to jet off in the upcoming months, consider getting him a Qantas gift voucher. They’re fully transferable to include other friends and family too. Gift vouchers are redeemable through points or bought here.

With over 320 islands to explore, picturesque views and a warm, relaxed Fijian vibe – dad will feel like an absolute king. 

Qantas Travel - Fiji Holidays Destination Packages (prices vary)

Emma Foam Pillow ($200)

Best for dads who need quality sleep

It’s safe to say that all dads are perpetually tired. Most (if not all) are so exhausted, to the point where their snoring becomes undeniably loud. 

Rest-assured, Emma’s foam pillow will ensure your dad will get a good night’s sleep. 

This pillow is customisable, which means it can accommodate side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers, by adjusting its height and comfort. 

Emma intertwines top German engineering with their expertise in neuroscience to construct these pillows. Hence, the top-quality, non-toxic memory foam material is extremely durable and warrants an easy-to-clean process. 

Apple TV 4K (from $219)

Best for dads who love a movie-night-in

Upscale movie-nights-in with dad with Apple’s newly released, ‘Apple TV 4K’. This is Apple’s most powerful TV which features the A15 Bionic chip. This chip delivers a faster and more fluid performance so that TV, movies and games are played in supreme quality. 

This device comes with the Siri Remote so that users can enjoy a touch-enabled clickpad that allows for easier and precise navigation. Users can choose from thousands of movies to buy or rent to really immerse themselves in the at-home-theatre vibe. It’s perfect if you’re planning on spending Christmas at home. 

So if you’re already an Apple owner, why not expand your Apple family with device? 

Apple TV 4K (from $219)

RENPHO Shiatsu – Foot Massager Machine ($209.95) 

Best for dads who are on their feet all day 

This sleek and stylish electric foot massager provides the ultimate 3-in-1 experience with the rotation ball, rolling stick and up to 50 degrees celsius of heat. 

The clever machine relieves any discomfort and helps treat neuropathic foot numbness. With the ergonomic design that provides a vast suite of features (all controllable by the feet, of course), all dad has to do is slide his feet in and enjoy. 

If all dad does is complain about foot pain or tired feet, this is the ideal present for him. 

Maison Francis Kurkdijan – Amyris Homme ($225)

Best for dads who want to upgrade their signature scent

With the resurgence of Baccarat Rouge 540 on social media, Maison Francis Kurkdijan is certainly one of the most talked about luxury fragrance aficionados of 2021 and 2022. 

Though it first launched in 2012, Amyris Homme remains a staple in MFK’s collection. 

Amyris Homme is a stunning combination of amyris from Jamaica and iris from Florence in Italy. Also infusing the flavours of mandarin and rosemary, the scent is mildly spicy, to draw up a vision of a man that carries himself with grace, yet isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the dirty work – just as Kurkdijan did when he created this scent after finishing school and moving to Paris. 

If that sounds like dad, then this fragrance will, most definitely, be a pleasant treat for Christmas Day that lasts all year. 

Maison Francis Kurkdijan - Amyris Homme ($225)

Fatherhood Custom Illustrations by The Coco Studio RRP ($201.99 – currently on sale)

Best for dads who are sentimental or are a new father

There is a whole range of artworks you can have personally made for dad. From a new family, to the old, to the whole family or just an intimate one between father and daughter.

You simply submit your photo and then the Coco Studio will recreate the photo into a cute piece of artwork to frame and hang on the wall, to be enjoyed and loved for a long while. The illustrations are clever made, and you can choose specific colours to match the decor of dad’s house if preferred.

Once ordered, your full-colour, hand-illustrated portrait will be emailed to you directly as a high-quality JPG file, or delivered to your door if you choose a print and frame option. Full facial features are not included in this style of artwork, but eyebrows and mouths will be illustrated are.

Blue Suit Businessman Custom Bobbleheads With Engraved Text RRP $59.95

Best for dads who consider themselves a bit of a joker – where you can always expect bad dad jokes on a regular basis

These custom bobbleheads are sure to get a smile from dad when he opens the box on Christmas morning. They are available in anon bobblehead version also, and come engraved with his name or something else.

They are handmade from polymer clay, so you need to order quickly to ensure time for the creator to make the mini statue of dad and then get it delivered to you before Christmas.

Each statue is unique and personalised to your taste, and you can chose what suit the statue wears – blue or grey. You only need to send in a profile photo of dad’s head and face, no body shot is required for this statue to be made.

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