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Nuggett X Charlie, is the New Australian Luxurious Organic, Vegan, All Natural Beauty Range that has everyone talking.

We spoke to Nuggett McCabe in Sydney about her all natural organic, vegan beauty product range, and her super healthy Australian lifestyle.

Nuggett,  a make-up artist who has worked in film, worked on the range for over a decade, after seeing first hand the needs of actors on stage.

Why did you call the product range Happiness? 

When I created my first product which was the Face Mist it was for my talent on film.

I used to spritz them to keep their skin hydrated & makeup revitalised with my happiness blend and it always made them smile when I sprayed it.

Scientifically, it has been proven that essential oils can help improve the way you feel and increase a happy mood. 

My talent used to ask me what it was that I used. I would say it’s my Happiness, a defence against your gloom ha-ha. It’s what I love & feel to be happy

What are the 3 major points of difference of your range?

• My signature scent, creating a feeling of Happiness inside and out

  • My range was created to keep your skin rejuvenated and hydrated for a maximum of 24hrs using highly concentrated botanicals from organic plants flowers, vegetables & fruit, ancient and modern oils & butters with organically derived Heptapeptides
  • For men & women of all ages – my Dad is 92 and looks amazing because he uses my range.

Given the ingredients are natural, how does it stay fresh and are there any specific instructions as to how to make the products last?

When I created my Happiness range, I made sure that I use only the highest concentrated organic vegan ingredients, with organic natural preservatives and anti-oxidants.

With all of my products, a little goes a long way.  

I use a spatula like paddle pop stick to scoop product out and you only need to apply a small amount too to reap the benefits.

My Nighty Night cream for example – place a pea sized amount in your hands gently warm together to release the 18 oils that are infused to helps repair the skin barrier that will keep moisture locked in for 24hrs.

Why do you continue to make your product range in Australia? 

I live in Sydney and I hand craft my skincare myself and with the support of my team. It’s important to crawl before you walk. 

Down the track I will look at options, meaning setting up a bigger factory as my house is full of Happiness for now. 

My ingredients are sourced all over the world Australia South America, Europe and the USA as there are many amazing botanicals that are grown in these countries.

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