Living the Bali Dream. Karlie Cummins’ Journey from Queensland Teacher to Bali Entrepreneur

Explore Bali Adventures, Relocation Stories, and Luxury Travel Insights with Karlie Cummins, the Mind Behind Bali Buddies

If the idea of making the move to Bali has ever crossed your mind, then this podcast interview is an absolute must-listen.

Renae Leith-Manos, a renowned expert in global luxury hotels, sits down with the extraordinary entrepreneur, Karlie Cummins, who has turned the dream of relocating to Bali into a stunning reality for herself and her family.

Karlie, hailing from the countryside of Queensland, Australia, began her journey as a teacher but soon discovered her deep passion for Bali.

With a natural talent for crafting unforgettable travel experiences, she transformed her passion into the thriving travel agency known as Bali Buddies.

What initially started as a simple Facebook page created to share top-tier Bali tips and favorite accommodations among her circle of friends, quickly blossomed into a thriving Bali-specific travel agency.

Over time, it evolved into Bali’s most authentic and trustworthy local media channel, aptly named Bali Buddies: Your Go-To Bali Travel Companion. Bali Buddies has grown into a digital powerhouse, offering genuine, firsthand reviews and invaluable tips for Bali adventures, making it particularly appealing to Australians seeking unforgettable experiences on the Indonesian island.

Many Australians dream of living in Bali.

Karlie’s unwavering commitment to authenticity shines through in every feature and collaboration, ensuring that her audience continues to trust and adore her content.

In her conversation with Renae, Karlie sheds light on the challenges and joys that came with moving her family from Australia to Bali as her business expanded. She discusses everything from navigating visas to securing housing and successfully managing a global business.

woman in green bikini under a tree
Australians can easily live in Bali according to Karlie Cummins.

Looking ahead to 2024, Karlie is set to launch Indo Buddies, a comprehensive travel guide designed to explore the captivating landscapes of Indonesia beyond the borders of Bali.

Be sure to follow @balibuddies on Instagram for more incredible insights into Bali’s hidden gems and travel tips.

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