John Blanco from Capella Bangkok

John Blanco is General Manager at the spectacular and ultra luxe Capella Bangkok and speaks exclusively here on our podcast, Where To From Here.

Capella Bangkok offers absolute five star luxury as General Manager John Blanco explains here.

In this fabulous interview, he talks about the unique signature that is Capella, and why he has chosen to work for the prestigious brand.

Blanco talks through the luxurious Bangkok property located on the Chao Phraya River. The 101 suite five star hotel has stunning views across the river, particularly from the hotel’s best villas, the riverfront jacuzzi plunge pool villas.

And Capella Bangkok provides a tranquil haven from the world outside, as it is located in a bustling area of Bangkok full of life.

The hotel’s Presidential suite offers 595 square meters of living and has its own private entrance and its own waterfront dining area.

John talks about the changing face of luxury and how Capella is also adapting and changing to suit the demands and needs of the luxury traveller.

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