Interview with Anthony Lark, the first Aman GM at 27.

Anthony Lark was the first General Manager at Amanpuri in Thailand, which was the first Aman hotel.

He was head hunted from Sydney aged 27 when running The Four Seasons (Then The Regent Hotel) to be General Manager at the first ever Aman resort, Amanpuri in Thailand.

He ended up worked there for 12 years and at the same time oversaw the openings and running of two additional Aman properties in Bali and Myanmar.

A Villa at The Bensley Collection, Siem Reap.
A Villa at The Bensley Collection, Siem Reap.

Today he is Executive Director for the prestigious Shinta Mani Hotels in Cambodia, the brainchild of famous American landscape architect, Bill Bensley. Shinta Mani are already one of hospitality’s leaders in sustainability, as well as philanthropy, having developed a foundation to create generational change in the region through education, micro investment loans, a recruitment program and much more.

Shinta Mani are are the first global hotel group to stop using single use plastics, and their luxury hotel offering is simply stunning with price points at different levels to suit different luxury travellers.

The stunning Entrance at The Bensley Collection, Cambodia.

Now based in Phuket, Thailand, Anthony founded The Phuket Hotels Association there, and is a huge supporter of luxury hospitality, particularly during the last turbulent 3 years or more .

In this interview for The YouTube channel Where To From Here, Anthony talks to Renae about his incredible career at the elite end of luxury hospitality in South East Asia, including why he wont move back to Australia, why he has chosen to live in Phuket with his wife, and why sustainability and protecting the world is and has to be the future of top end luxury hospitality in every location in the world.

Anthony Lark speaking to Renae about Shinta Mani Hotels.

For more on Shinta Mani Hotels, go to: To support the Shinta Mani Foundation:

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