Inside Vermelho, Christian Louboutin’s New Luxury Boutique Hotel in Portugal

The Vermelho Hotel in Melides, Portugal. Christian Louboutin's luxury boutique hotel

Here is a look inside Vermelho, the iconic designer Christian Louboutin’s New Luxury Boutique Hotel in Portugal.

The notorious fashion powerhouse Christian Louboutin opened his first 5-star luxury boutique hotel Vermelho in a hidden corner of the gorgeous Portuguese town of Melides.

Melides is not very big, but very charming. The beachside town is filled with market life, gorgeous blue beaches and amazing local restaurants with some of the best Portuguese food in the country.

Just an hour and a half away from southern Lisbon by car and 20 minutes from Comporta, Melides is filled with gorgeous cobblestoned streets, family-run restaurants, a traditional European beach and lovely shopfronts.

Luxury boutique hotel in portugal. The blue water and sand in the town of Melides portugal.
Melides is one of the most gorgeous beachside towns in Europe.

The boutique hotel, Vermelho, is in southern Portugal’s Alentejo region. Louboutin’s hope with Vermelho is to share the raw natural beauty of his surroundings with first-time visitors and to preserve the peace that brought him here in the first place.

The designer has long loved Portugal, and has owned homes in Lisbon and Comporta since the 90s, so he is very familiar with the beach-side and stunning area, filled with friendly locals. Louboutin first discovered Melides while driving back from a local hospital after an accident. Soon after, he bought a fisherman’s house by the shore that he now visits twice a year. 

Fashion powerhouse Christian Louboutin sitting in his own luxury boutique hotel in portugal
Fashion powerhouse Christian Louboutin.

The hotel is expected to draw a stylish crowd and some well-known names worldwide. 

The boutique hotel offers 13 rooms, and the breathtaking interior pays homage to the designer’s iconic work, including his signature red detailing embellishing the tiles, doorways and furniture. 

The exterior is designed with the help of Louboutin’s friend and Portuguese architect Madalena Caiado. Together, they create an environment that blends perfectly with its powdery blue and white walls and delicately sloped roofs. 

This stay is a perfect place to showcase Louboutin’s eclectic and maximalist aesthetic with intimate, warm and vibrant design while celebrating the rich and warm textiles of traditional Portugal. It is complete with his own personally sourced furniture, art and ceramics.

The pink tiling in a small room inside the Vermelho hotel with large windows casting in light. Small yellow seat in left bottom corner
The intimate, warm and vibrant design of Christian Louboutin’s Vermelho Hotel

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Louboutin says, “This project allows me to empty my storage full of antiques and objects, which I have purchased over many years…Furthermore, it’s an opportunity to show the excellence of many artists and artisans I admire.”

Almost every room has outdoor spaces, perfect for soaking up the sun and enjoying a peaceful time with a great view. Any choice is perfect, from balconies overlooking the garden on the first floor to ground-floor terraces with direct access to the pool. 

The Jardim Portugûse suites have their own private terrace adjacent to Verlmeho’s colourful gardens, created by Louboutin’s former partner, French landscape architect Louis Benech. The rooms are decorated with local Alentejo tiles, a luxurious bathtub, wardrobes with Maison Gatti’s famous French latticework and exclusive works of art handpicked by the eclectic shoe designer.

Bedroom in the Vermelho boutqiue hotel with orange tiles and gorgeous art on the walls.
One of the gorgeous bedrooms in the Jardim Portugese suite.

There is a gorgeous communal sitting room with glass tiles that nod to the Rajasthani palaces, and downstairs, the walls are lined with vintage Bollywood posters from the 60s. 

Meanwhile, the garden is a showstopper. Benech has designed the garden to surround a plunge pool. Filled with an array of native vegetation and a secluded hideaway to unwind and enjoy your surroundings, the garden will take your breath away.

Onto the food, Portuguese Chef David Abreu leads the restaurant Xtian. He has trained in luxury hotels like the Grande Real Villa Itália Hotel & Spa and the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon, so there is no doubt that the food will be excellent. He delves into local cuisine with dishes like octopus salad, chicken broth, Aunt Fátima’s wild boar stew and fried red mullet with squid. 

A dark wood door framing leading into a restaurant with yellow straw chairs and light brown wood tables.
The inviting interior of the Xtian Restaurant.

Louboutin’s hideaway in Portugal will be an unforgettable, luxurious and local experience that’ll be a one-in-a-lifetime. Prices start from around $1000.

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