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Inside The Four Seasons Downtown New York City

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We speak to Thomas Carerras at The Four Seasons Downtown New York, for his insider guide to bars and restaurants as well as his insights into life running one of New York’s most awarded five star hotels.

Thomas Carreras is the charismatic Swiss General Manager of The Four Seasons Down Town New York.

The Four Seasons New York Downtown.

The Venezulean born GM has been with the prestigious, luxury hotel brand for two decades, and has worked in The Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane Four Seasons Resort Bora, Bora, Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, Four Seasons George V Paris, Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita and he started at The Four Seasons Hotel Boston.

The Four Seasons Downtown Suites.
The Four Seasons Downtown Suites.
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He talks to Renae here about his love for the hotel he sits at the helm of, The Four Seasons in New York Downtown and the enchanting, vibrant, fast paced life he is living In New York City.

The Four Seasons Residences, New York Downtown.

He also gives some insights into working with one of America’s most celebrated and successful celebrity chefs and creative genius’ Wolfgang Puck, who has a restaurant within his hotel, and who Thomas says is regularly in the kitchen.

The magnificent architecture at The Four Seasons Downtown, NYC

Thomas also reveals the specific insider places outside the hotel he regularly goes to that only locals know, including gyms, bars and restaurants for the best cocktails, bites and workouts.

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