Where to take your instagram photos in London

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The simple and easy guide where to take your instagram photos in London.

London is a city packed with instagrammable locations. Many are simply back alleys, coloured buildings or inside designer restaurants and bars. But knowing where to go for the first-timer isn’t easy.

London is a sprawling city that can zap your time and your energy. And it’s so spread out you may not find what you are looking for.

Here are a few of my favourite locations to get you started.

A stunnin gimage of architecture of the British Museum
The British Museum is an instagrammer’s dream

The British Museum

This stunning architectural monstrosity has a host of places for great snaps from the outside front steps leading up to the entrance, to the striking double sided stair case inside.

It is flooded with light, and has white walls (always flattering) and even the cafe is cute.

Half a day here is a highlight of a trip to London, especially when you throw in some time exploring the magnificent exhibits.

Peggy Porschen Belgravia
Peggy Porschen Cakes, Belgravia.

Peggy Porschen

This pretty pink cake shop has been earning a reputation as one of London’s most instagrammable spots for many years.

They made the cake for Kate Moss’s wedding which threw them into the media and the public eye and they’ve never looked back.

And the gorgeous pink exteriors which include flowers, bikes and pink chairs, as well as picture-perfect cake designs as well as pink walls inside make it a perfect place for any instagram moment.

Currently in Belgravia with a shop on The Kings Road, Chelsea about to open. Be prepared to que, (and the Nestle coffee from a machine is not great), so drink tea, but the cakes are to die for.

Westbourne Park Road

Notting Hill has long been a place where celebrities choose to live, and where movies are made. It is a must on any tourist’s hit list.

Author George Orwell lived there in the 1920s, and in more recent times, The Beckhams, Stella McCartney and even British PM David Cameron have all called it home.

Westbourne Park Road, Notting Hill.

Much of the sweet spot of London’s architecture is repetition of a motive, which means houses that look exactly the same built in large numbers in long rows to create a feeling of grandeur ( see photo above for example). Perfect for instagram photos.

These rows look stunning on instagram and there’s none better than Westbourne Park Road, as there are white sections, a pink section and even a rainbow row. You can even dress to match. Gorgeous.

London shop fronts

Jo Loves, shop front Belgravia.

London has a multitude of pretty shop fronts.

Jo Malone’s new perfumery Jo Loves is just one shop front that always lends itself to a beautiful photo.

In spring there are flowers, and there are balloons at other times, but the shop is always rich in colour and high end design. During the Chelsea flower show (late May) all of the shops in Chelsea re covered in flowers and flower sculptures both inside and out – it is divine.

The Churchill Arms

This pub is an instagrammer’s favourite and a fun place to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The food is Thai and there are excellent wines and a truly British pub-feel.

The Churchill Arms is one of the most fabulous looking inner London pubs both inside and out.

But the decorations are what you go for.

It’s worth a photo outside; of the thousands of flowers stuck to it on the outside, (from across  the road) as well as inside, which is packed with oddments hanging from the ceiling.

Great fun with friends.

Sketch Restaurant London is an instagrammer’s dream


This fabulous restaurant has too many instagram moments to mention – even the toilets are unbelievably designer and chic.

There’s a pink restaurant, a green, forest style restaurant and a cute cafe in front full of cakes and light.

Even the hallways are fabulous for a photo. And the artwork all over the building is to die for – and very photographable.

Book for high tea or even a slice of cake and tea and you won’t be disappointed on any front.

Neal’s Yard has a wholefood, colourful, bohemian feel.

Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden

This secret little garden is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle that can be London, and a great spot for a photo or two. Sunlight pours in and the walls are all painted bright, different colours.

It’s in the middle of the 7 Dials District, the theatre district, but only accessible via two cobbled walkways.

It was re-invented in the 70s by retailer, Nicholas Saunders looking to create a London hub for the wholefood movement and specifically for his store, The Wholefood Warehouse, which became a huge hit as soon as it opened and kick started the area.

Take lots of instagram pics here, and grab a great coffee whilst you are there.

Les Senteurs Perfumery, London

Les Senteurs Perfumery

This family run fragrance store is absolutely picture-perfect as are the surrounding shops in the street.

It is London’s oldest independent perfumery, and stocks perfumes and cosmetics from all over the globe, and many are known only to those who really know fragrance and have insider knowledge.

Note – a lot of European fragrances are cheaper to buy here than they are in Australia ( and that is before you add the duty -free discount).

There are other instagramable locations in the Covent Garden area close to the shop.

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