Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and The Martinez Hôtel is where you wear them.

This five star hotel, The Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez is simply a ten.  Opulence, history, luxury, indulgence, and service, and that’s just at check-in.

Standing elegantly looking over the most famous ocean front boulevard in the world, La Croisette, Cannes, in one of the world’s most glamorous locations, is a hotel offering one of the most extra-ordinary stays of your life.

The Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez is a knockout at every turn.


The Hyatt Grand Hôtel Martinez, Cannes.

The first owner, Emmanuel Michele Martinez named his hotel after himself, his patronymic last name appears on giant blue neon lights on the top of the hotel at the center of the Croisette. Tattinger is the hotel’s preferred champagne, as a respectful nod to the hotel’s owners from 1981 -2005, The Tattinger family. The Hyatt group took over in 2013, and have done a seamless job of taking things a notch up, but maintaining absolute elegance and historical tradition.


Positioned right on La Croisette, the hotel’s own private beach club is across the road, and the famed shopping strip Rue D’Antibes, is a 10 minute stroll away. The parking area in front of the hotel’s entrance was a morning talking point with my son, who  revelled in counting the number of Porsche’s, Lamborghini’s and Bentleys parked there each day.

Beach Club:

Sipping champagne at the bar of Zplage, the largest and most luxurious beach club in Cannes, with 400 elegant blue sun lounges, endless service and Tattinger champagne is people watching, at its most opulent, and designer best.

Renae at ZPLage Beach Club, one of the most sought after spots by day in Cannes.

Zplage is the hotel’s own private beach club, and anyone who is anyone wants to be there from April to September. Tattinger is the hotel’s preferred champagne as an elegant nod to the hotel’s owners from 1981 -2005, The Tattinger family.


There are 409 rooms in the hotel, including 27 suites and 34 sea view rooms. The front rooms have expansive balconies overlooking the ocean – and are some of the largest in Cannes.

The newly refurbished suites at The Grand Hyatt Martinez Cannes are stunning.

Thirty million US has been spent over the past three years by The Hyatt group updating them with a white, modern, warm, classy, light feel and huge beds with towering bed heads, striking at work and modern, elegant furniture. There are hints of 1920’s art deco throughout the hotel, a classy connection with the colourful history of the hotel.

The interiors are flawless

The Restaurants:

The Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez is home to Cannes’ only two star Michelin restaurant, La Palme D’Or, and the most famous restaurant in Cannes. named after the highest award given at the Cannes Film Festival,  it too promises to honour the very best of French cuisine.

Renae and her daughter Stella lunching at Palme D’Or, at The Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez, Cannes.

It is a restaurant that combines the best of artistic talent, local produce and French history. Led by chef Sinicropi, the menus are served on cleverly designed fun cubes, and you can select ´å la carte or select a type of meat such as seafood or pigeon and the whole menu is built around your choice.

I loved the champagne/apertif trolley, so 1920s and elegant. The neatly manicured plates of tasty morsels were a delightful surprise, that seemingly went on and on, and the gorgeous designer desserts and petit fours were incredible.

The stunning art deco dining room with magnificent balcony overlooking the sea is a place to seriously reflect on life for a while.

Sitting on the balcony for lunch at The Palme D’Or is one of life’s great joys.

A meal here is what dreams are made of.

The Spa and Swimming Pool:

The hotel has a mammoth one square kilometre spa as well as a stunning  outdoor heated swimming pool, at the front of the hotel, a rarity anywhere in France. And that’s just for starters.

Renae at Zplage, Hotel Martinez, Cannes. It is absolute bliss at every turn at the Hôtel Martinez.

I have stayed in several hotels along La Croisette, but what I love about The Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez are the beautifully refurbished plush rooms,  the pool (which my children adored), the kid’s club where my daughter made a recyclable hand bag and the feel of the place.  It is upmarket and luxe, yet still has an air of being relaxed.

You know all of those fabulous designer dresses hanging in your wardrobe you bought at designer sales but have had nowhere to where? Pick up a Louis Vuitton suitcase and pack them in, as there’s a moment for all of them in this jewel of a spot.

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