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London: The Women behind the British cult hair brush brand

Two savvy women are behind the British cult hair brush brand Rock & Ruddle.

A chance meeting at Loreal cosmetics, brought two women together to create a cult hair brush brand that is slowly sweeping the world.

Its called Rock & Ruddle, after founders Alexandra Rock and Jackie Ruddle, and the concept is to combine the very best in hair brushes with creative, bright, artwork or patterns, so that the hair brushes are unique stylish and a pleasure to use.

“We actually worked at Loreal at the same time for 2-3 years but met at  party,” Jackie explained.

“I lost my hairbrush, which was a Mason & Pearson (the classic British hairbrush brand), and I loved the bristle with the pad but wanted to replace it with something pretty and I couldn’t find it. (Mason & Pearson are traditionally black or white.)”

Renae Leith-Manos catching up with the Rock & Ruddle founders in London’s Chelsea.

The girls put their heads together and decided to go it alone and launch their own range of brushes. That was in 2012, and the brand has been slowly building, rom humble beginnings the UK and is now global.

“We had to find an artist and found Claire Mackay in Brighton (England), who is a fantastic artist.

“We put her designs on the brushes, but the brand is evolving,” Alexandra explained.

“There are 40 designs including a personalised range where you can have your name on a brush. The Australian market like the art work.”

“It hasn’t been easy as there was no factory to have them made.We did a lot of research and couldn’t find an obvious factory. The brushes are assembled in Britain.”

There are combs and hair clips on the way, but the story of this beauty brand is as inspiring as it is beautiful. Check out the range at David Jones in Australia.

Read more about the fabulous cult brand here.

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