A sneak peak inside some of London’s Best Luxury Hotels.

The wooden interior hallway of the London's luxury Lanesborough Hotel, with butler holding tray.

There is nothing better than a quintessentially British luxury hotel.

Time in London is a dream when staying at any of these 5 star hotels located in some of London’s hottest spots. These modern sanctuaries of luxury showcase the best British service, style and hospitality.

From a magnificent manor, to a spectacular view, to a hotel which takes guests back to London’s heyday, or a hotel that makes guest’s automatically feel like Londoners; these hotels all have their own charm and give guests an exclusive piece of London (and many an exclusive British butler).

Having served as havens for some of England’s most influential – from Elizabethan royalty, to poets like Rudyard Kipling, to Winston Churchill, to today’s innovative Londoners – guests today are treated like the royalty that once graced many of these hotels.

Rosewood London, Holborn

Fascinating and memorable – all round historical luxury

Entrance to Rosewood London luxury hotel - an Edwardian manor. iron gates
Rosewood London Entrance

Rosewood is an ultra-luxury hotel that gives the ambience of a chic London residence. With sensitive renovations in 2013, this Grade II-listed heritage hotel is inspired by a British manor house and has 308 sleek, cozy escapes for guests.

When entering the hotel’s grand archway, guests leave behind the bustle of London to a peaceful courtyard. But Rosewood has a life of its own to find . . . its restaurant – the Mirror Room – and bar – Scarfe’s Bar – sit on either end of a dazzling bronze corridor that sequesters the lobby.

The Holborn Dining Room is a grand brasserie that serves locally sourced British cuisine. Though it stuns with its fine dining and private rooms, it is known for its delectable savoury meat pies from The Pie Room, and expansive gin collection in The Gin Bar.

Every Rosewood happening is worth exploring for the captivating, dramatic architecture and unique experience that awaits. Art and history is so woven into Rosewood, that guests may find it when they least expect it – like eating an afternoon tea pastry, only to find it resembles a David Hockney artwork.

The Lanesborough, Hyde Park

The Oetker Family Collection

Family hotel – beautiful and well-appointed

Gorgeous vintage living room with antique art, marble pillars and high ceilings.
The Lanesborough

The Lanesborough is an iconic five star hotel in a brilliant location that overlooks Hyde Park. With country house elegance, its 93 rooms range from modern to timeless vintage beauty.

Though it has been renovated in 2015, The Lanesborough holds onto its heritage and identity as a family hotel; welcoming children with daily treats, games, movies, gifts and special deliveries like milkshakes from the room’s personal butler.

Guests can dine at the Michelin-starred Lanesborough Grill for fine dining and a Queen Charlotte Afternoon Tea; The Library Bar for cocktails; The Garden Room for a cigar masterclass, cognacs, or even one of their signature alcohol-free cocktails; and The Withdrawing Room for all day casual dining and drinks.

For the best in holistic health and fitness, hotel guests can got to The Lanesborough’s modern gym and fitness classes; hydrotherapy pool, sauna, steam room and treatment rooms. This hotel feels just as welcoming and luxurious to adults as it does to children. 

Brown’s Hotel, Mayfair

Rocco Forte Hotel

Old school glamour – rich, historical atmosphere

Top is Brown's vintage hotel bedroom; bottom is Charlie's restaurant with ruby velvet armchairs, wooden design, chandeliers.
Brown’s hotel bedroom (top); Brown’s restaurant Charlie’s (bottom)

This hotel was London’s first, dating back to 1837. Brown’s has hosted many interesting figures through the years: W K Vanderbilt for a secret marriage, Mark Twain; Princess Elizabeth and George Orwell in the 50s; the Roosevelts, Robert Redford and Mia Farrow in the 60s & 70s; and Charles and Diana.

It has hosted many royal and historic figures , and was such a centrepiece to Rudyard Kipling’s London life that Brown’s has a suite dedicated to him.

Though period features remain and its narrow corridors still creak, Rocco Forte has updated the 115 rooms with the comfort of modernity. The hotel is elegant but lively with beautiful floral arrangements and pops of colour.

Brown’s is positioned perfectly to explore London’s history or even get in some luxury shopping on the famous Bond Street.

Brown’s restaurant – Charlie’s – presents the best British cooking from chef Adam Byatt, who earned a Michelin star for the exorbitant, unbookable Trinity – but guests get quiet, affordable access to Byatt through Charlie’s. Likewise, Brown’s intimate bar – The Donovan Bar – is ranked as one of the best bars in the world and continues the old-school glamour of the hotel with velvet armchairs and 1830s stain glass windows. From hotel room, to restaurant, to bar; guests experience Brown’s inescapable character and romantic presence.

45 Park Lane, Mayfair

Dorchester Collection

Modern London living – Art Deco style

Retro hotel suite living room with art pieces, orange satin pillows and brass accents.
45 Park Lane

A former nightclub – 45 Park Lane – is now a spectacularly elegant townhouse style hotel and part of the luxurious Dorchester Collection, where guests can feel like real residents of London with a modern, vibrant and indulgent living space.

Each of the 45 spacious, immaculate rooms offer Hyde Park views and an assigned butler to accommodate each guest. The Art Deco style with warm colourful accents calls on the simplicity and soul of the 1920s.

45 Park Lane’s ground floor restaurant CUT offers a fresh take on modern American steak cuisine from famous American Chef Wolfgang Puk, while BAR 45 is a negroni-loving terrace round the side; these spots offer an upbeat and relaxing atmosphere.

To further relax there is a library and spa which has a 20 metre pool, gym and treatment rooms. It is also worth exploring 45 Park Lane’s unique and often changing art collection that usually includes some Damien Hirst.

Hotel Café Royal, Piccadilly

Stanwood Hotel Group

A diner’s dream. Regal and indulgent

Gilded historical dining room with chandeliers and tables. Al fresco terrace with high ceilings and sunlight.
Hotel Café Royal

Located in Regent Street in Mayfair, Hotel Café Royal is a contemporary hotel that references its history with heritage protected rooms, staircases and cornices; and acknowledgements of past iconic English patrons like Churchill, Princess Diana and Bowie. Its 209 spacious rooms are elegant and are assigned a butler to provide help with itineraries, packing and other services.

Hotel Café Royal has no less than six different bar and fine dining options. The decadent Grill Room, dates back to 1865 and was a favourite of Oscar Wilde and Churchill; today, guests may enjoy a unique and intimate afternoon tea experience in a historic room. Also, guests currently have access to two Michelin-starred chefs, with Alex Dilling’s rich French cuisine, and Albert Adria’s impeccable desserts.

To unwind, Hotel Café Royal has it’s Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre with a 18m pool, sauna, hot tub, gym and treatment rooms for facials, massages and a range of unique therapies.

The Shangri-La at the Shard, London Bridge

Best view – Modern, Hong Kong inspired high rise

Woman in infinity pool, looking out of floor to ceiling window at London
Shangri-La The Shard

On the 34th floor of The Shard – Western Europe’s tallest structure (310m high) – guests check into The Shangri-La hotel which reaches 18 floors up. Understandably, there is no better view of London, where all 202 rooms have an awesome, panoramic view of the Thames all the way out to the hills of Kent.

The Shangri-La’s Asian heritage is not only expressed in the tranquil, modern design of the rooms, but in its restaurant TING which serves Asian-inspired British cuisine. Similarly, at GONG, guests can enjoy late-night cocktails and gaze out at London’s enchanting movements. Not to mention, The Shangri-La has a gym, spa and stunning infinity pool on its top floor overlooking the city.

One Aldwych, Covent Garden

Privately Owned

Fresh, pure and clean luxury

Muted pink One Aldwych hotel bedroom. A clean, elegant, minimalist bedroom with fresh, pink flowers on table and big window.
One Aldwych

Located on the doorstep of some of London’s best galleries and museums, One Aldwych is an independent, modern London hotel that is sleek and slightly edgy. It is British in an understated way, with the wool throws, furniture, beers, so on all being English made.

One Aldwych’s 105 luxury hotel rooms are spacious and filled with natural light, fresh fruit and flowers. Also, the hotel has a gym, a basement spa with treatments and an 18m pool which is unusual for central London – let alone that it plays underwater music.

As well, guests can enjoy the much-loved British afternoon tea on the mezzanine, or dinner; followed by drinks at the lively Lobby Bar where it is impossible to ignore the owner’s captivating assortment of modern art that lives throughout the hotel.

One Aldwych is situated perfectly for cultural adventures to places like the West End theatre, but guests will appreciate coming home to the restful, clean luxury of One Aldwych – where staff are eager to look after guests and help them thrive in London.

The Adria, South Kensington

Bürgenstock Collection

Arabic x British; intimate and hospitable

The Adria's monochromatic lounge room with a deep, jewel coloured lounge with historical british equestrian art on walls.
The Adria

Housed in a 19th century Kensington townhouse, in one of London’s most upscale residential areas, The Adria blends English elegance with the warmth of Arabic hospitality. It feels more like a stately and elegant home than a hotel.

Its 24 elegant rooms have opulent furnishings, underfloor heating and Italian marble bathrooms. The luxurious ruby velvets of the lounge area turn to calming creams in the tranquil bedroom; with British art and antique pieces used to create unique but connected spaces.

Guests are able to have their breakfast wherever; in their own room, the lounge or say the Darwin-inspired conservatory that is a serene and regal escape. In the afternoon the Adria offers high tea in the lounge with cotted cream and jam scones; and as night falls, a Martini by the fire. Lunch and dinner are an opportunity to explore London or have it called into the Adria and delivered by 24hr room service; alternatively, guests not wanting a meal can visit the splendid butler’s pantry for treats.

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