6 Travel Trends That Will Be Popular in 2022

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In terms of travel, 2022 is going to be unique. To make it the best ever, these are the predicted upcoming popular travel trends of this year. 

When looking at travel statistics from 2021, the Australian Bureau of Statistics found international departures from Australia were down 94.5%, compared to pre-COVID rates.

That is expected to change dramatically in 2022 as international travel resumes and Australians can once again indulge in fantastic getaways.

Travel. mountains in the morning
Ethical journeys are predicted to be the focus this year.

With a large focus on sustainability and travelling ethically this year, these are the six trends in travel that are expected to be big this year:

1. Health and Wellness Tourism

Rather than travelling and embarking on typical holiday activities, health and wellness tourism is done solely for the purpose of improving wellbeing. 

After an unexpected halt in travel and change to everyone’s lifestyles and working patterns in the past few years, travellers are now looking for an opportunity to reset, refresh and start a clean slate through travel.

woman doing yoga in the sun. Travel tips
Wellness trends are a good way to reset the mind and body.

Activities that contribute to the health and wellness tourism trend include yoga, meditation, and massages.

Billabong Retreat, located in Hawkesbury, NSW is a great destination to get away, relax and thrive. 45 minutes from Sydney, there are numerous retreats they provide to recharge and nourish the mind, body, and soul. They were also the winners of the Best Health and Wellness Retreat award as well as the Most Unique Accommodation NSW Tourism Awards.

woman getting a facial

Kamala Resort and Spa in Phuket offers pampering packages for guests, with relaxing spas and massages one of their specialities. A wellness centre is also located in-house for the ultimate relaxing experience for guests.

resort in Phuket
Kamala Resort and Spa, Phuket

2. Spontaneous Trips

2022 will be the year of spontaneous trips after the previous years have held limited travel.

Given the ever-changing pandemic rules all countries have experienced over the past few years, this is not surprising as last minute travel means the likelihood of changes or even cancellations is reduced.

woman looking at road map
Spontaneous road trips are a good way of getting on the road with friends.

Research from The OUT (a premium car hire service located in London and Manchester) has found that last-minute trips are on the rise, with the average time to plan and book a trip being only three days.

Not only this, 20% of all bookings in the past six months within the UK were found to be made within only 24 hours.

3. Bucket List Travel

Having a travel bucket list means stepping out of your comfort zone and indulging in new potentially life changing experiences.

It’s also something to look forward to and acts as a motivator for people to travel the world and tick must-do items off the list.

Taj Mahal India
The Taj Mahal is a popular location on bucket lists.

Apart from adding a new experience to your past travels collection, bucket list travelling is an excellent opportunity to make new memories and achieve your goals.

Here are some popular items to add to your bucket list:

  • See the Taj Mahal, India
  • Walk across the Great Wall of China
  • Stay the night at Dubai’s most iconic hotel – The Burj Al Arab
  • See Antarctica
  • Go on a safari
  • Experience the Great Barrier Reef, Australia 
greet barrier reef
Tick off your bucket list goals by visiting the Great Barrier Reef

4. Ethical Journeys

According to Glen Peters of the Centre for International Climate Research, carbon emissions are only set to increase in 2022 as the rate of transport and pollution being released into the air increases.

Therefore in 2022, sustaining ethical practices while travelling and leaving as little of an environmental footprint as possible is a must try.

woman at a zoo
Travel ethically by carefully considering your choices.

Travelling ethically means breaking unsustainable travel habits like travelling to multiple locations in a short space of time, supporting zoos that mistreat or endanger animals, or indulging in experiences that can have damaging effects on a certain culture.

Some tips for those embarking on ethical journeys can be as simple as supporting local businesses, choosing where to dine by researching before visiting restaurants, trying your best to stay in sustainable accommodation and avoiding over-touristed countries.

5. All-inclusive luxury stays  

As travel resumes, it is without a doubt going to be costly. Because of this, all-inclusive stays are predicted to be the preferred method of accommodation.

For travellers looking for an all-inclusive stay in Australia, Lizard Island is an exquisite stay located in the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland. The tropical island resort package includes clear-bottomed sea kayaks, motorised dinghies and deluxe picnic hampers.

The Village in Coconut Island, Phuket also provides an unmissable all-inclusive stay. The total price includes all meals and beverages, unlimited kayaking, sailing as well as mountain biking.

The Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa is the biggest all-inclusive hotel in Ibiza. It offers a luxury stay experience, with daily aerobics and Zumba sessions available, on site tennis courts, an archery field as well as a beach volleyball court. 

6. Real-life Movie Locations

Spending the last two years binge watching every show there is to watch during lockdown, it only makes sense to visit the sites where these shows were filmed.

Exclusive locations that are just like the movie include La Boulangerie Moderne, the bakery from Emily In Paris and Lacock Abbey in England, which makes an appearance in both Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice. 

streets of Paris
Visit movie locations as a fun way of travelling.

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