5 Reasons I LOVE Heidi Klum

I was lucky enough to meet Heidi Klum in Sydney.

I was skeptical before I met her, but Heidi proved to be a lot of fun, a good sport, with a smoking body and as likeable as you can get.

Why I love Heidi:

1) Her voice: It’s no surprise the German girl has an international accent, given she has lived all over the world. Her voice is gentle yet strong with a subtle German accent underlying an American twang. She kisses everyone on the cheek twice too – oh so European and classy.

2) She’s a mum: She has four kids she references regularly. Anyone who has one child knows how challenging the balancing act is, but Heidi appears to do it with ease, and often mentions her children with warmth and a love only mothers can show.

3) That Body. Oh my. Her age was being questioned by many in the room, as she looks SO young. Who cares what the number is. To have THAT body after four children is astonishing. She is lean, fit, strong but not skinny, oh and she has a great cleavage in case you’ve missed the new promo shots for her lingerie.

4) Humour: She had Karl Stefanovic sweating up a storm on stage at Icebergs and had the crowd in stitches as he revealed he was wearing her brand of male underwear – and she pulled at his pants to show the label. When Nova’s Wippa turned up with a gift – a bottle opener topped with kangaroo balls, she laughed it off like a pro. Love That.

5) She’s real: Everyone in that room wanted a photo with Heidi Klum, and she posed, she chatted, she laughed and she hung out with all of us like we were old pals. Thanks Heidi – come back soon.

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