6 Travel Products You Need Flying Long Distance if You’re Over 35

These are the secret 6 travel products travel journalists use. And every woman over 35 should pack in her luggage.

I am away from home over half the year, and from designer hair dye to vitamins that work, these are the 6 travel products that make my travelling life  (and that of many female journalists) that bit easier.

The Shade: This new salon grade Italian made permanent hair colour is as designer, and easy as you can get. At last an at-home hair colour that looks sexy (and is easily portable). The Shade is delivered to your letter box, and with your first order, and you’re given a complete colour kit for free. This is the next best thing to salon fresh hair, and excellent when in countries where hair colour can be risky.


The Ordinary: Anyone who knows me, knows integrity goes right to the heart of who I am, and the types of people I want to surround myself with, so this no-nonsense beauty brand is a brand I really dig. From the reasonable prices to science based formulas and research, as well as labels and branding that is honest (eg the words anti-aging are not on their products), the uber-easy online site makes this brand easy on every level.

You get no-nonsense products with ingredients listed and the effects they have on the skin – and the products are fab, and travel well. Brilliant.


Soothe: This app delivers a masseuse to your door – even to your hotel within an hour of ordering. You choose either a male or female, and all of the Soothe therapists are thoroughly tried and tested. I love ordering this when I land at Heathrow, to my hotel. Excellent way to kick jet lag instantly. www.soothe.com

Beauty Boosters : This is the way to get your skin glowing from the inside. I love the packaging of these vitamin supplements but what I really like is my nails are stronger and people are commenting on my skin glowing just 3 weeks after I started them.

Forget everything else, I find these work. There are three products in the range, with carefully considered ingredients including vitamin C, evening primrose oil and other anti-oxidants. https://beautyboosters.com.au

Dr Haushcka Renewing Night Conditioner Ampoules: Travel takes a toll on skin. The dehydration on the planes, the change of water, as well as food all creates a different environment and can really dehydrate the face, and cause oiliness, breakouts and problem skin.  These ampoules are designed to be used for 28 nights straight without any other products  (they come in a box of 50)- and they work.

I love the idea I don’t need other products at night as long as I have these in my bag – an I use them on the plane as well.

The first few nights your skin may feel dehydrated if you usually use serum and moisturiser, but within days you will wake with fresh, moist, luminous skin no matter where you are and what other factors are changing in relation to your skin. I recommend starting these before you commence your trip, so skin is already primed and ready.

Read more here.

YUNI Shower Sheets

These biodegradable wipes, or shower sheets are essential right before you step off a long distance flight. They’re in little sealed packages and cleanse, refresh and deodorize. They’re alcohol free and leave your body feeling and smelling fresh. Brilliant if someoen special is meeting you at the aiport.

Yuni Shower Sheets Box of 12, available at Sephora. $20.00. Read more here.

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