Real Life Travel Hacks of the rich you need now

Ten top insider real life travel hacks of the rich you can adopt for a better trip.

Even the wealthiest people don’t like wasting money. These are some insider travel hacks we have compiled from some of the travellers regularly siting at the front of the plane.

  1. Always photograph or scan your passport and credit cards before a flight and e-mail them to yourself so you have everything you need if you lose them.
  2. Book your flights incognito or clear the cookies and search history: Cookies ensure the flight sites know what you are looking at and your last quote. By using incognito, your flights will be cheaper, as will booking two one way tickets for most internal flights in Asia, Europe and even the US. The other tip is to consider is booking you flight in a different country other than your own to seriously save. Even the same airline can charge significantly different prices in different regions.
  3. Only take hand luggage. Yep, this is becoming a big trend up front. Right when people can afford first class with (almost) unlimited baggage they’re taking a small carry on. Given how cheap clothes are and how easy it is to purchase just about anything you might need in an emergency, a small carry on is what a lot of super rich travellers are choosing.
  4. Roll don’t fold for more space. This is a controversial one, but the latest findings say to roll not fold to squeeze everything in.
  5. Consider one colour scheme eg black and white, brown or something to make daily dressing easier. (Excellent if considering point 3)
  6. Try the app, Party With A Local, the latest way to get off the regular tours and into the local scene anywhere in the western world and make new friends instantly.
  7. Download flight board for your very own list of the next flights and their timing
  8. Download google goggles, an app you can access every time you see a monument for insider info and tips instantly.
  9. Taking an SLR camera with you? Keep the rechargeable batteries in the hotel’s bar fridge to give them a longer life.
  10. Travel with a power board strip – having the right cables and plugs has become  the most important accessory after your phone and your meds. Don’t be left unable to charge your phone.

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