Travelling With Children Is The Best

travelling with children can be a fun experience

No, it’s not a typo. Travelling with children can be amazing and fun.

Since I flew to Paris with my twins when they were one year old, I absolutely recommend travelling with children – These are my favourite locations so far:

1) The Gold Coast: Once children are around 5, they are old enough to enjoy the theme parks, a touch older and it’s even better. Seaworld is the obvious choice first time around as the kids love the marine life and if you have children of different ages, younger ones can simply watch the shows. There is so much cheap accommodation on offer, staying in an apartment with children is the obvious choice and enables you to eat healthy food at home when you want to. Restaurants all cater for children, and there are some fabulous places to eat.

2) Melbourne: I know, it’s not an obvious one, but you can have a lot of fun with children in Melbourne. The trams make travelling with children very easy and fun. The city’s laneways are a haven of food venues to be explored, the city’s many parks are gorgeous for long walks and Captain Cook’s Cottage was much more of a hit than I anticipated. The yarra river is also a great place to explore, and the Saturday markets are fun. There is so much from Luna Park to gorgeous beaches. It is a jam packed destination if you want it to be. Stay in an apartment.

3) Paris: watching my twins play with toy boats in a lake in the Luxembourg Gardens was one of life’s great moments. The park itself has a sensational playground, great outdoor restaurants, and during a week long stay, we visited 4 times. Simply walking the streets of Paris is an experience for people of all ages, and presents endless opportunities for stunning once in a lifetime photos. The department stores Le Bon Marche and Le Printemps have fabulous toy departments, and the French cuisine offers plenty of options for children to experiment with. Notre Dame and the Ilse St Louis- surrounding island is another way to spend a perfect afternoon. With the famous Le Berthillon icecream stores on the island too, everyone is happy.

4) London: Hamleys toy store is one of the best in the world, and a great place to explore. A highlight in London is High tea

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