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Why I gave online dating the flick

Online dating doesn’t work for many looking for real love, especially in big cities like London, New York and even Sydney, just ask my mates – or me. Everyone knows meeting the right person for a long term relationship…

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How I cope with missing my kids

No-one talks about the harsh consequence of divorce – missing my kids. You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t. That’s how motherhood feels a lot of the time. The day someone publicly compared the importance…

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Age-Differences. Does Age Matter?

With the recent press about age difference relationships, I couldn’t help but jump in. It is a subject I am asked about a lot, given I spent more than half of my adult life in a relationship with someone…


Australia’s Gold Coast Can Be Surprising

I have  just been on The Gold Coast for a fabulous 3 day convention full of fellow bloggers, where we all were educated, chatted and laughed about the crazy world that is blogging. I snuck out for a night…

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The Best Relationship Tips & Advice Ever

Max Markson is a philosopher of our time, as has incredible insights and advice on just about everything, especially relationships. A while ago, he published this relationship advice which is one of the best pieces of advice I have…