Mothers’ Day: Give the Gift of Skin with Virtual Beauty Appointments

Sydney skin clinic All Saints is set to offer virtual beauty appointments, the perfect gift for a Mum who is obsessed with skincare.

This Mother’s Day is set to be like no other. With restaurants closed, there’s no possibility for a glamourous brunch, florists aren’t considered an essential service, and social distancing restrictions may mean families will be separated.

It doesn’t mean a free pass to ignore your mother; rather, it becomes an opportunity to be creative, indulgent and unique with how we spoil our mums on Mothers’ Day.

A perfect way to treat, yet educate, loved ones comes from the gift of virtual beauty appointments.

All Saints Skin Clinic in Double Bay, Sydney is offering one on one skin consultations through their new service, the Art of Face Virtual Consultations.

Skin clinic experts can discuss and recommend ideal products tailored to the individual’s skin concerns, healing and correcting any skin problems that may be at hand.

Additionally, experts can also advise of new skin regimes, tips and tricks, or help prepare clients for future beauty treatments, such as Fraxel or Clear + Brilliant.

Preparing the skin for future treatments

Virtual beauty consultations have become increasingly popular since covid-19 restrictions forced the closures of beauty salons.

Yet All Saints Clinic has been operating virtual appointments since 2007 for their international clientele.

They have become experts in analysing the skin through video calls, where they are able to help clients maintain their skin and heal and correct any skin problems.

One of the most common appointments is to help clients prepare for fraxel, known as the “gold standard for skin rejuvenation”, according to All Saints aesthetic physician Dr. Joseph Hkeik. 

Renae Leith Manos after Fraxel
Renae four days after Fraxel – it’s a serious treatment that can do wonders, but the effects need to be prepared for.

Fraxel is heralded as the anti-ageing, pigmentation-minimising, laser treatment that promises to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Of the treatment, founder Renae said it left her skin looking “super fresh, flawless and glowing,” following days of redness and peeling.

It’s a procedure that needs to be prepared for, but one that can result in incredible skin benefits.

How is our skin changing due to covid-19 and lockdown?

Dr. Joseph highlights that now is a trying time for skin, which can become more sensitive during times of stress. Equipping loved ones with the knowledge of great skincare and how to handle these changes is a long-lasting gift.

“As a result, we can utilise this time to normalise the skin and correct the impaired skin barrier,”

“This is a time to nurture and love your skin and not to challenge it,” he says.

“A good understanding of your skin status at any time, forms the basis to skin care and specific ingredients we can give to ensure your skin health is at its optimum level.”

Skin damage

With more people spending greater amounts of time indoors due to the lockdown, now can be the perfect time to repair the skin from damage caused by the sun, which is responsible for 80% of skin damage in Australia.

Dr. Joseph highlights that before any laser treatment, it’s best to limit sun exposure for 3-4 weeks.

“You get less results from a laser treatment if you already have a tan,” he says

“The target of both Clear+Brilliant and Fraxel is water, and not colour, in the skin, so the more tanned skin could not receive the same intensity of a treatment compared to non-tanned skin”

“While sun exposure is important for our mental health, too much sun exposure without adequate protection causes skin damage and increases the melanin production in our skin.”

To make an appointment for All Saints Skin Clinic for treatments such as Fraxel and Clear + Brilliant, email Once practices are allowed to open their doors again, you can expect they’ll be busy, so book ahead of time.

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