Choosing the Right Red & Pink Lip Colour For You

From dark red tones to cherry reds, and pinks, this is how to wear rosy lips for Valentines.

For Dark Red Lips, best suited for olive skin tones or fair skin for a string look:

Bobbi Brown ‘Red Stiletto’ Luxe Shine Intense Lipstick RRP $56 will have heads turning. It’s a beautiful shade of warm dark red which delivers rich hydration to lips using ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Lips look perfectly sculpted after applying to lips. Lipstick stays strong on lips many hours after applying, even after eating and drinking

Mary Grace ‘Rebel’ Matte Liquid Lip RRP $30 dries fast, won’t leave lips flaky even though it is matte. It is sultry and creates a hot matte look. It’s highly pigmented, so only a thin coat across lips is all you need for a generous spread of colour. The formulation is light and easy to wear and will last more than six hours of wear.

red lipstick with cap off
There are a myriad of different red tones and finding the right red lipstick for you is the challenge.

Bobbi Brown ‘Rock & Red’ Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss RRP $40 applies a soft shade of warm red across lips for the perfect tint of colour. Ideal for anyone not wanting to wear lipstick and prefer to lightly tint the lips. This is a plumping gloss, so lips will look full and thick and will last at least up to six hours after application.

Bobbi Brown ‘Rare Ruby’ Luxe Lip Colour RRP $56 is a mid-range shade of ruby red and ideal for making a statement with bold, sumptuous lips. This is an easy to wear lipstick which wears well after eating and drinking without drying out after a few hours of wear. This lipstick will last for at least up to four hours after eating and drinking.

For Cherry Red Lips, best suited for skin tones with a blue base:

women with red lips, dark hair and pale skin and red nails
Finding the right red for your skin tone can be a challenging task.

Fenty Beauty ‘Hot Blooded’ Poutsicle Juicy Satin Lipstick RRP $32 is ultra creamy, smooth, and lightweight to wear, giving lips an epic satin shine for the best pout ever. It’s long-lasting and will endure any delicious eats and drinks you’ll be enjoying on Valentine’s Day. This lipstick is long-wear and will last the night.

Bobbi Brown ‘Hot Streak’ Crushed Oil-infused Gloss RRP $40 is a lovely soft shade of cherry best suited to pale skin. There’s a light sheen to this lip gloss, which looks simply sexy of an evening when the light hits the prism-like particles making lips shine and they’ll look thicker too. This gloss will last around four hours worth of wear before the colour starts to fade.

Mary Grace ‘Covert’ Matte Liquid Lip RRP $30 is a warm-toned cherry red and best suited for golden skin tones. Richly pigmented, a little goes a long way with a simple stroke of the brush to apply the right amount of colour to lips. Due to the rich pigmentation of this lipstick, the colour will last for at least six hours before it starts to fade.

Bobbi Brown ‘Wild Poppy’ Luxe Shine Intense Lipstick RRP $56 is a warmer than most shade of cherry red and works well with olive skin tones. Lipstick is hydrating and there’s a soft shine after application. Colour lasts for up to four hours before re-application is required.

red lipsticks for Valentine's Day
Road testing red and pink lipsticks for Valentine’s day was one of the challenges this week.

For Pink Lips, best suited for fair to medium skin tones:

Trinny London ‘MIA’ Lip Glow Lip Gloss RRP $30 gives you luscious lips without any stickiness. This is a next-generation lip gloss which plumps the lips, keeping them well hydrated, whilst giving just the right amount of colour to lips. Packaged in little tubs, it is perfect to carry when travelling or in your handbag. Colour will fade as soon as you start eating and drinking.

Mary Grace ‘Romance’ Hello Lover High Shine Gloss RRP $20 is a soft and delicate pink shade of gloss, which subtly adds colour to the lips with a soft mica shine. Perfect for light skin tones and ideal when you don’t want to wear any rich coloured lipsticks. This gloss is only lightly pigmented, so re-application after an hour or so will be required to maintain colour.

pink lipsticks for valentines day
Our pink lipsticks for Valentine’s Day.

Nuskin ‘Unleash’ POWERLips Fluid Lipstick RRP $31.25 is a liquid matt lipstick in a soft shade of pink-toned cherry red. Perfect for a fresh and flowery Valentine’s look when you want to evoke your true inner princess. To make this matte lipstick last a little longer, wear a light, non-sticky lip gloss before applying, as lips may dry out a little whilst wearing. Colour does last longer than four hours though.

Mary Grace ‘Mystic’ Matte Liquid Lip RRP $30 is a warmed toned deep pink lip shade which suits any skin tone. It’s the perfect blend of both warm and cool and works to compliment any look, whether that be sultry and sexy, or soft and feminine. Colour will last for at least up to six hours even after eating and drinking.

fragrance eye shadow and red lipstcik
Renae’s daily essential beauty products include Chanel, Bobbi Brown brow palette and foundation stick and Bobbi Brown red lipstick in Flame.

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