Champagne vending machines have arrived.

Champagne vending machines are about to appear in a five star hotel near you.

Moët have created the first champagne vending machine in the world, and everyone is talking about it.

And where have they launched it? Vegas, where else?

Carrying 320 miniature bottles, the first one has popped up in Las Vegas at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The first fridge has both cuvée and rosé. Each mini bottle of Moët & Chandon comes with it’s own mini flute, so you can pop the top and start drinking immediately.

To ensure guests are of age, they have to buy a $20 US token from the front desk to use in the machine, then go to the vending machine and pull out a bottle. The tokens themselves are fast becoming a collectors item.

Located on the 23rd floor Sky Bar of the luxe hotel, it has already got the world talking.

We can’t wait to see the roll out.


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