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Why I think the food pyramid is all wrong.

The traditional food pyramid should be flipped on its head. The  largest group of food on the traditional food pyramid are grains, yet they are the worst thing for our bodies. I know a lot about this having been…

Food Lifestyle

Eating excess sugar is worse than smoking

We are all eating way too much sugar. I believe eating excess sugar is worse than smoking cigarettes. Yep, really. Just check out these stats and you might agree; Every day, 280 Aussies are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes,…


Eat this, look younger. No, really.

This beetroot, pomegranate, blood orange & duck salad will help your skin stay firmer and look younger. I love using fresh ingredients, and blood oranges are in season now. Salads with blood oranges taste amazing, and this salad is…

Food Lifestyle

Insider Tips: How I cut my sugar by half

There is no doubt we all eat too much sugar. Here’s how to reduce your intake: Since I reduced my sugar consumption  10 years ago I’ve never been fitter, everyone says I look younger, and my weight is the…

Food Lifestyle

The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe Ever

The best chocolate cake recipe the world has ever known. For me, baking is therapy. Eating the baking is another kind of therapy, but baking with my 9 year old twins is something that brings us together, and helps…

Food Travel

Clean Food In Bali

Bali has changed so much in recent years. It is a great place to go as a single girl, or as a couple, and there is a LOT of great, healthy food. Here are four of my favourite places…