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Beauty Tips: This week I Had Eyelash extensions

Eye Lash extensions make you look younger – at least that has been my experience this week.

They are so much more natural and less intrusive than just about every other cosmetic procedure you can have.

The fact I am even writing that makes me wonder if we have we taken the whole fake thing too far?

In the beauty world, you can fake just about anything from boobs to bums, tans and teeth. And a quick glimpse at instagram shows just how crazy and overdone things – and faces have become.

There are images with a hundred thousand likes of lips that don’t look human and bodies that look wrong – and those distorted image shave almost become normal.


Seen here, my lash extensions look natural, but thicker – and I am not wearing any eye make-up.

But eyelash extensions are a different category for me – they look natural, mainly because they eliminate the need for mascara, so no more panda-eyes, AND they thicken your lashes, open your eyes wider and make you look fresher, naturally. They can completely open up your face instantly.

Amy Jean has long been the eye lash queen of Australia. I first found her in the glamorous Palazzo Versace Hotel on the Gold Coast years ago,where she had beautiful rooms, a huge waiting list, tumbling roses and fragrant candles burning everywhere. She is a woman who understands women, and knows how to make them look beautiful.

Since then, she has quite literally travelled the globe performing lash extensions, and eyebrow tattoos ( I’m not ready for that just yet) on the rich and famous, and everyone in-between in New York, LA, London and all over Australia.

The good news for Sydneysiders is she is based in town, in Elizabeth street in the beautiful Bambini Trust building, in elegantly luxurious rooms, and has a plethora of lash and brow services on offer ( and the roses and candles are still there in abundance).

Eyelash extensions are the ultimate self-indulgent Christmas present to yourself.

What happens during a lash extensions? When you have lash extensions, mink or acrylic lashes longer than your own are individually glued onto the skin at the top of your eye with a special glue that does not come off, but doesn’t harm the skin.

This is forced meditation – you must lie completely still for at least an hour, often longer, but it is well worth it. It is not painful or difficult, in fact it is super relaxing. Ideal if you are hungover or tired of talking.

And that is literally it. You leave with a full set of long lashes on both eyes, and you can swim in them after around 24 hours ( once the glue has completely set), and a neat little brush can be used to keep them straight. There is no need for mascara or any other products. Brilliant.

They gradually fall off, and in 3-4 weeks you go back in for  atop-up and some more me-time. Can’t wait.

Cost: Around $200 for a first set, and around $120 for monthly refills after that.

Downtime: Allow 90 minutes to be safe.

Best bit? You wake up with lashes perfectly in place looking amazing.


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