5 Luxury Travel Disruptors for 2019

5 travel disruptors for 2019 you will want to check out.

As technological disruptors shake up the world, their focus has shifted to luxury.

These new disruptors are set to have an impact on travel, and the world in 2019.

Many new high-tech companies are opening the gateway to new levels of intimacy as well as  luxury in a multitude of industries in ways never thought of before .

Designer Freight:

Need your designer garments couriered around the world for your next getaway or hot date? You can use the courier the likes of The Royals and Anna Wintour uses, Worldnet.

A fashion freight company favoured by Royals AND Anna Wintour. Image courtesy of ITV UK.

This courier for royalty and celebrities, is known as “couture freight”. They couriered the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding dress from the Givenchy workshop in Paris to Windsor for her big day. world

Concierge for the ultra wealthy

If a designer piece of Bulgari jewellery delivered to Claridges, London  where you are having pre-dinner drinks sounds like you, then might be for you.

This 21st century global concierge service for the ultra wealthy enables users to book private jets, VIP private tours of galleries, and book VIP tables at the world’s top restaurants at the last minute.

The concierge service can organise anything from a private jet to a restaurant booking at a moment’s notice.

Yes, we have seen this level of luxury attempted before, but claim this is the real deal.

Chauffer Driven Black Luxe “Ubers”

Wheely is the hottest way to get around in London right now. It was only a matter of time before someone took the uber model up a few notches. Wheely cars are a maximum of three years old, all European (think Mercedes E-S-V class), and drivers are dressed up, all carrying umbrellas and all open doors. Easily accessed via an app.

High end transport service Wheely London is a huge success after just a few months.

Affordable Super yachts

Hawk Yachts are building super yachts (almost) anyone can afford. The trick is the company builds in commercial ship yards, enabling them to reduce the retail cost by up to 50%, meaning if you want to buy one it is much more affordable, but the flow-on is likely to be far more affordable luxury boating holidays around Europe next summer.

Try on the latest fashion without taking your clothes off

Memoji Labs claim to have created the first and best virtual mirror, Memory Mirror, meaning you can try on the latest luxury designer fashions and see exactly what it looks like from every angle.

They say they are working with some of the world’s most luxurious brands to create a customer experience where absolutely any fashion item can be tried on from anywhere in the world, using the mirror.



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