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July 2019


Paris; Boutique Hotel Barriere Le Fouquet’s Paris

This swish, chic, discreet exclusive boutique five star hotel complex with bright red recognisable awnings is one of the most glamorous boutique hotels in Paris – and the bistro has re-opened this week. Hotel Barriere Le Fouquets is located…

how to stay healthy when travelling on a plane

5 Ways to Stay Healthy Mid-Flight

Stay healthy when travelling on a plane with these five simple travel hacks. We’ve all been there, that travel moment when you find yourself seated next to someone on the plane, who begins to cough and sneeze, before the…

Holborn, London one of the world's great gin bars.

A Gin For Every Occasion

In the UK, gin has now become the top selling spirit replacing vodka, its wilder, less responsible younger sibling, not to say gin can’t get you buzzed too. Gin evolved from being a herbal medicine to an alcoholic drink…